News From The Branches

Distributing Hygiene Kits for people with Special needs in Quneitra

Health team of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent- Quneitra branch distributed hygiene kits for people special needs. The kits included diapers for olds and Hygiene parcels provided by UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and International Committee of Red Cross(ICRC). The team reached 40 beneficiaries during the last week of January 2016 in AlKoom, AlBaath City and Iuba areas.

Distributing relief materials the families in AL Mleha area

The volunteers of SARC Rural Damascus Branch  distributed  relief items in AL Mleha area. They had assessed the needs of affected families before and then provided them with the needed materials  on Monday 25/1/2016. These materials were distributed for 262 families and included (262 food baskets-262 hygiene baskets-741 blankets-177 waterproofs-100 kitchen baskets-98 mats-44 baby diapers). The distribution process will  be done periodically for families who live in AL Mleha area.

PSS Activity for children with Special Needs

Volunteers of (SARC – UNICEF) PSS joint project held an activity for children with special needs in Al-Basel Sports Facility. The activity targeted 35 children with their mothers by exercises suitable for persons special needs. It aimed to promote the spirit of competition . It also involved mothers training their kids in the activity with an aim to guide them to the proper way of dealing with their special needs children.    

Baba Amr Collective Kitchen Starts Off

SARC Homs branch team still on persistent  response to the returning people in Baba Amr area. Water and Sanitation team established a collective kitchen to serve 200 families in Baba Amr. On Saturday   Dec 26, 2015  sheltering team started preparing cooked meals for the beneficiaries. It is worth mentioning that both the rehabilitation of the kitchen and providing food items are supported by ICRC.  

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