News From The Branches

A humanitarian aid convoy enter AL Tal city

SARC’s Rural Damascus branch managed to deliver humanitarian relief materials to AL Tal city, where the second convoy of humanitarian aid arrived on 4/2/2016, which included (7500 food baskets, 2500 hygiene baskets, 1800 peanuts butter). The first convoy of relief aid entered AL Tal city on Thursday 2/2/2016, and consisted of 14 trucks presented from ICRC and contained (3500 food baskets, 3500 hygiene baskets). Notes that SARC’s AL Tal Sub Branch distribute the relief materials to cover all the effected families.

SARC – Aleppo Transfers Idlib Students’ Files to Aleppo University

Upon a request by authorized parties, SARC – Aleppo in cooperation with SARC – Idlib branch and  through their field intervention teams crossed the Humanitarian Corridor (Bustan Al-Qasr – Al-Masharqa) after coordinating with all parties on the ground to transfer the files of Aleppo University’s students in Idlib. Student’s files will be sealed in Aleppo University to help them continue their studies. It is mention worthy that SARC – Idlib delivered these files to SARC – Aleppo’s volunteers through the Humanitarian Corridor

Relief Aid Reached 6000 person in lattakia by SARC

In order to cover the needs of the most vulnerable  affected people in #Latakia and its countryside, relief team of SARC -attakia branch completed the distribution of food parcels in (Alzubar-Brabshbo-Ruwayssat qusses –alaqrramh – Alsafkoon – Gurion and Aljbesanah) on 30 January 2016. More than 6,000 people benefited from the distributed items, which is supported by of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

Mobile clinics caring for patients and ease suffering

SARC’s Mobile Health Clinics in Rural Damascus branch provide all patients with health care and medical services. On Tuesday 19/1/2016, MHC visited Sednaya  with many volunteers from SARC’s Sednaya sub-branch, and provided 60 patients with medicines after examined them. The MHC also visited Hafeer Al Tahta shelters, and provided 62 patients with medicines after examined them. SARC’s MHC organize periodical visits to shelters and residential areas to follow up health issues, focusing on reaching remote areas to help patients wherever they are.

Distributing Hygiene Kits for people with Special needs in Quneitra

Health team of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent- Quneitra branch distributed hygiene kits for people special needs. The kits included diapers for olds and Hygiene parcels provided by UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and International Committee of Red Cross(ICRC). The team reached 40 beneficiaries during the last week of January 2016 in AlKoom, AlBaath City and Iuba areas.

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