News From The Branches

Psychosocial support‬ ‪activities in Rural Damascus

SARC’s ‪‎Rural Damascus ‪‎psychosocial support teams organized many ‪activities on Thursday 28/7/2016 in ‪Qatana and Jairoud areas. Qatana psychosocial support team organized an activity in “Al Essam Momena” School contained games of running, painting and shows and were concluded with distributing gifts for 75 kids. On the same time, psychosocial support team in Jairoud area organized an activity for 150 kids, from the shelter and local community, contained competitions, play show and painting. This activity was concluded with presenting the children with gifts of high energy biscuits, cotton clothes, peanut butter and finally having the dinner together. These activities aimed… Read More »

Red Crescent provides meals to thousands families in Ramadan

As usual ‪ Ramadan fasting month comes  with generosity and charity tables, as the endeavor of ‪ ‎SARC’s ‪ Rural Damascus Al Tall volunteers increased to prepare meals for 56000 beneficiaries through new ‪#‎campaign in 3 collective ‪#‎kitchens in the city (Al Shariyeh, Al Shabab, Omahat Al Khair). Where Al Tall Sub Branch supplies the kitchens with all important materials in cooperation with (Inaash Al Fakeer & Omahat Al Khair) societies within a plan action to support local community and promote them by distributing 11700 meals every day. These ‪#‎meals reached 77 distribution points contain all shelters and unfinished buildings.… Read More »

Transfering the Files of Idleb University Students to Aleppo to Help them Continue their Studies

Field intervention team in ‪‎Aleppo‬ branch of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent in collaboration with ‪Idleb‬ branch transferred university files of 5000 students of Idleb University and delivered them to Aleppo University in order to help them continue their studies. Files transfer was conducted through Aleppo – ‪Damascus‬ International Highway after coordinating with all parties on ground. To accomplish that ‪‎SARC‬ – Idleb had delivered those files to Aurem sub-branch, which in turn delivered them to SARC – Aleppo through Aleppo – Damascus International Highway.

Convoy of Humanitarian Aids Reaches Northwestern Rural Aleppo

On Thursday,  a convoy of humanitarian aids (31 trucks loaded with food and nonfood items as well as medical aids) reached northwestern rural Aleppo. The convoy was escorted by SARC – Aleppo to reach SARC sub-branches and points in Afrin, Kafar Janna, Rajo and Yakhour. 10000 families will benefit from this intervention as the aids are sufficient for 50000 beneficiaries. Delivered items were supported by WFP, WHO, UNICEF, IOM and UNHCR with coordination by OCHA in Aleppo.

SARC-Homs mobile clinics Support returning people to Al-Hosn area

The health care team of SARC-Homs continues providing  medical services to beneficiaries in Homs and its countryside. Through its mission to Al-Hosn area, mobile medical clinics team “internal, gynecological and pediatric clinics” along with  health survey teams checked 230 patients and prescribed medicine for them. It is worth mentioning that 4162 people benefited from mobile clinics’ services during January. In addition, health survey team of SARC-Homs continues carrying out health survey operations and registering medicine needs for the patients in the remote countryside and in the sheltering centers. The team distributed chronic medicines to 4466 beneficiaries.    

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