Health Promotion Team launched “Anti-Leishmaniasis” Campaign

During summer, It’s important to raise  awareness of local communities exposed to “Leishmaniasis”, and to provide them with preventive tools. Health Promotion team in SARC Homs held educational sessions in Al-Malahah area in the eastern rural of Homs through “Anti-Leishmaniasis” campaign. 375 Families benefited from the distribution of 724 mosquito nets, 1088 jerry-cans and awareness flyers. It is worth mentioning that “Anti-Leishmaniasis Campaign” launched in the beginning of  June 2017 and targeted 17 villages in the eastern rural of Homs. this campaign is held in cooperation between SARC and ICRC

SARC-Homs Livelihood Team Assessment visit to Al-Qaryateen

On 18 July, a delegate from IFRC and SARC livelihood team visited Al-Qaryateen in eastern rural of Homs city as a response to the returnees to the different affected areas in the City. the visit aimed to assess the current agricultural situation and the needs of returnees in order to determine the suitable response and support in livelihood sector.

SARC-Homs Health Awareness team Conducted Educational Sessions

Health Awareness team in SARC Homs branch continues the educational programs on reproductive health helds in cooperation with UNFPA. In Sadad, one mobile team addressed “rheumatism” in an educational session (the causes, symptoms, and prevention). Since the beginning of Ramadan the team has held several sessions about fasting and proper behaviors that should be followed during this month

SARC-Homs Water & Sanitation team Starts water pump project to Al Mishrifa

Lack of drinking water problem in Al Mishrifa is exacerbated day by day ,and people have to pay for it.  Water sources there contain sulfur which make it undrinkable. Therefore, and to address this problem, Water and Sanitation team in SARC Homs branch in cooperation with ICRC and Homs water Board started a project of water pump pipeline extension to Al Mishrifa. Two vertical pumps with a capacity of 110 KW will be installed in Al Zahra Pumping station in addition to a PPR that is 14800 meters long and 280 diameters. This project will provide water for 36525 people in Al Mishrifa.

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