ICRC Operations Coordinator Visit to SARC Homs branch

In the framework of joint cooperation among humanitarian partners, the Head of board directors, Dr. Moataz Al -Atassi, and the board members received the ICRC operations coordinator and her delegation on Wednesday the 4th of October, 2017. The two-day visit aimed to have a look at the projects and the joint activities implemented in cooperation between SARC and the ICRC.  

SARC Relief Aid Convoy Reached Talbiseh and Tloul Al-Homer

Syrian Arab Red Crescent in cooperation with the ICRC and the UN delivered Relief aid convoy to Talbiseh town in rural Homs and Tloul Al-Homer in rural Hama on 1/11/2017. The convoy consisted of 36 trucks loaded with 18.550 food parcels, 18.550 flour bags, 2000 mattresses, 2000 nylon mats, 4000 blankets, 2.500 winter clothes, 1.500 plastic sheets, nutrition items, school supplies, water & sanitation items, medical items, and medicines.    

Activity of “Lamat Khair fair”

On Monday evening, SARC-Homs ladies committee concluded “Lamat Khair” fair for selling products and handmade items. The fair included portraits, accessories, crochet works, handiworks, knitted clothes in various sizes and many other handiworks which were exhibited in Hakam Hall at SARC main center over three days. The fair reflected the steadfastness of the talented women in overcoming difficulties. It is worth mentioning that the money goes to the families of women involved in this project.  

SARC-Homs Relief Aid Convoy Reaches Al-Rastan

Syrian Arab Red Crescent in cooperation with the ICRC and UN delivers relief aid convoy to 21.500 families in Al-Rastan on 14/11/2017. The convoy (48 trucks) carries 21.500 food parcels, 21.500 flour bags, 3000 kitchens kits, nutrition items, 15.000 blankets, 6000 mattresses, 5000 plastic sheets, 3000 nylon mats, 3000 winter clothes, school supplies (stationary, school bags, and creative sets),  water items, medicines, vaccines and medical items.

SARC-Homs First Aid Committee Completed Two Courses For 48 Volunteers

According to the First Aid Committee’s plan designed for training and qualifying volunteers, the committee completed two first aid courses for 48 SARC-Homs volunteers. Each course took four consecutive days and concluded with the practical and theoretical exam. The courses aimed to acquire scientific and practical skills on first aid methods, as well as to deal with cardiopulmonary resuscitation, asphyxiation, blood hemorrhage, burns, injuries, fractures and many other skills.

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