Health Promotion team Response in Homs countryside

Health Promotion team in SARC Homs branch continues response in Homs countryside. The team launched a campaign to raise awareness of the local community and provide them with protective items. The team also held some educational sessions about leishmaniasis in Al Ferqlous, Rajm Toko and Al Darwishia, and distributed 190 mosquito nets to 95 families. This campaign is in cooperation between SARC and ICRC.

Youths of SARC-Homs visit the elderly in Al-Angelya House

The youth volunteers of SARC Homs could draw a smile on elderly faces during a visit to “Al-Angelya Elderly House” on 25 July 2017. The youths did a tour inside the house, and met the elderly and introduced themselves, and by the entertainment activities “such as singing and performing a play” that volunteers organized, joy spirit was added to the house. This activity aimed to deepen the responsible to community and to encourage them to love volunteering work, in addition to strengthen the relation between the different generations. This was the first visit for youth volunteers to the House, and it will… Read More »

SARC-Homs Starts Implementing the Project of Linking Pumping Line to Al-Mishrifa

Lack of drinking water problem in Al Mishrifa is getting worse day by day that people have to buy water from trucks. This comes as a result of the undrinkable sulfur water of the boreholes in the area. Therefore, and to address this problem, Water and Sanitation team in SARC Homs branch in cooperation with ICRC and Homs water Board are start implementing a project of extending pumping line to Al Mishrifa.  The project consists of two pumps with  capacity of 110 KW and PPR of 14800 meters long and 280 diameters. This project will provide water for 36525 people in Al Mishrifa.    

Mobile Teams Conducts Continuous Health Awareness Sessions

Health Awareness team in SARC Homs branch continues on the educational programs about reproductive health that it holds in cooperation with UNFPA. In Sadad village, one mobile team addressed “rheumatism” in an educational session (the causes, symptoms, and ways of prevention). Since the beginning of Ramadan the team has held several sessions and in many areas about fasting and proper behaviors that should be followed during this month.

Livelihood Program Helps “Mohammed” Getting Past his Disability

Displacement wasn’t the only source of suffering for Mohammed Mshalben, who due to the crisis left his home in Al-Qusour neighborhood in Homs city, as he also involved in a mine explosion accident and lost his ability to walk. However, when peace and security back to prevail he returned to his home and managed to open a shop for electrical supplies thanks to the livelihood program that launched by the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) in cooperation with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). It is worth to mention that SARC hand in hand with his humanitarian partners… Read More »

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