Physical Therapy in Health-Care Center Gives Hope to Children

100 Physical therapy sessions put Yousef back to his normal life as a child. Now he can move, walk and play with his brothers as other children.Yousef (3 years) along with other 207 cases, who suffer spastic cerebral palsy, are provided with physical therapy in SARC-Homs Branch Healthcare Center by the support of Terre des Hommes Italy (TDHI)

A Heart with Belief of “Nothing is Impossible”

“Being handicapped hasn’t meant to hinder me enjoying my life, it – on the contrar- motivated me to go forward.” Ghasoub, 23 years old, was injured during the current crisis; the thing which put him on a wheelchair. He continued his study at the Pharmacy College, and now he is a volunteer at SARC Homs branch. We met him during a football match, where he was playing on the part of  AlSalam basketball team of PWSN, and when SARC in cooperation with ICRC was providing the  team with 13 PWSN wheelchairs in order to replace the team’s old wheelchairs. “For me, sport… Read More »

“No more lice” campaign by SARC- Homs Branch

  SARC Homs Health Promotion team concluded an awareness campaign titled “No more Lice” for schools’ students , sheltering centers’ residents and Homs countryside. It aimed to enhance proper hygiene behavior and to reduce lice infection through awareness sessions and brochures. The campaign was launched in cooperation with ICRC and targeted 23718 beneficiaries.  

Anti-leishmania Awareness Campaign in Al-Qaryatein

Health Promotion team in SARC Homs branch launches annual awareness campaigns at the beginning of each summer to prevent Leishmaniasis through raising awareness and providing the local community preventive items. Leishmaniasis is caused by the bite of certain types of sandflies which spread during summer. In summer 2016, Hussam from Qaryatein contracted Leishmaniasis on his face and hand. Through one awareness session, Hussam’s family and other returning families managed to know the causes, ways of transmission and ways of treatment. SARC team distributed mosquito nets after the sessions. Hussam recovered perfectly as the family followed the treatment steps and used… Read More »

SARC Delivered relief aid convoy to Al-Rasstan Area

The‪Disaster Management‬ committee of ‪SARC‬ Homs‬- branch and in cooperation with the ‪UN‬ offices delivered a  38 trucks of humanitarian aids to SARC Homs Sub-Brunch in Al-Rasstan  area on Thursday,  March 30, 2017. Further, these relief aids were provided by‪ ‎WFP‬, ‪‎UNICEF‬, IOM, WHO and ‪‎UNFPA and 21500 families will benefit from them for a month.

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