Installation of water tanks in Maaraba

Saving clean water is essential for the families residing in shelters. In that line SARC water and reconstruction team installed  422 water tanks (1 m3 capacity for each tank) in Maaraba area, in addition, to a distribution of  390 water gallons, to secure pure water for arrivals and affected families after assessing their needs. It is worth mentioning that this project was carried out during May in cooperation with Medair.

Origami workshop in Sehnaya community center

Judy (14 years) decided to learn Origami (paper folding) to focus her efforts on, as she described “creativity could be expressed using simple things”. In SARC Sehnaya community center she finds Origami indescribably interesting with other girls who learn also how to folding, pinching and teasing a sheet of paper to make unique gifts such as notebooks, small boxes and fans. Judy is one of many women participated in professional courses (wool knitting, painting, sewing, fashion design) in this center, and she wants to have a brand bearing her name to sell her Origami products as soon as she completes… Read More »

Distributing food items in Ramadan

It is well known that family get together around the breakfast table in holy Ramadan month to have their Iftar meal.  Syrian Arab Red Crescent volunteers took the opportunity this Ramadan to support many families to prepare healthy and rich food. Since the beginning of April, the volunteers have distributed 95248 food parcels and canned food for 476240 beneficiaries in Rural Damascus areas. these items are provided by ICRC, WFP, BRC, IFRC.

PSS sessions for kids in Gezlania area

Through two months, Mohammad (9 years) and his twin brother Ahmad have attended awareness and support sessions and enjoyed a great time with other kids. “I’m no longer ashamed to communicate with people Now I have a lot of friends.” Said Mohammad . Here in Al Gezlania community center, SARC psychosocial support team concluded the awareness and psychosocial support sessions and organized an open day yesterday with 250 kids, who have joined the kinetic games, and drew Ramadan lantern, in addition to singing and getting varied gifts.  

New livelihood projects in Rural Damascus

It might be small projects to some but means a lot to people who lost their livelihoods and have no work now. In that line, SARC livelihood team managed to secure 200 grants for affected families in Qatana areas in Rural Damascus, each grant contains (hens and a rooster, fodder, vitamins) provided by COOPI to help people earn their money independently as much as possible. It is worth mentioning that the grant is one of many other projects launched by SARC livelihood team since the beginning of this year to cover all Rural Damascus areas.

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