Psychosocial Support

Promote Oral and Dental Health Care in Sawida City.

As a part of Psychosocial Support Team’s recreational activities at SARC Swaida Branch, the team dedicated an activity to promote oral  and dental health care for the students of Fozi Mezher and Kamel Srewi schools in Ateel village. Various drawings and brochures used to explain the importance of dental hygiene during the activity. At the end, the team distributed toothbrushes and toothpaste to 800 children through the beloved character Santa Clause.

Psychosocial support volunteers visiting Yabroud area

In order to listen to kids and to encourage them to achieve their ambitions, SARC’s psychosocial support team in Yabroud sub branch visited the schools and children centers.  Through two months,the team organized many entertainment activities that covered  Adel Saad and Mohammad Abd Allatyf schools in the participant of 900 kids, Al Hazaz kindergarten contained 400 kids. Al Mostakbal special needs society in the participant of 100 kids and 19 Youngers. The activities varied between kinetics games, supportive activities as ambitions stars and leafy crowns, face painting, competitive games and Puppet Theater. It was concluded with honoring the kids and distributing gifts for… Read More »

Operational Update Quneitra Branch- June 2015

Highlights: 68605 beneficiary from relief  aid items. 1722 beneficiary from Mobile Health Clinic services emergency response to affected people in Jaba area. Health: First Aid Services: SARC’s Quneitra – branch first aid teams responded to 70 emergency cases, 47 of them were transferred to hospitals inside the governorate, while the rest were transferred to Damascus hospitals. Mobile Health Clinic: MHC  checked  1722 patients- half of them are children- and provided them with needed medicines. The mobile health clinic covered areas of Al Sendianeh, Khan Arnabeh, Al Baath City, Al Koom, Jaba, Al Otom, Dabya, Al Mshqaq, Al Saada residential and Nabe’ Alfawar… Read More »

SARC team Celebrate with children in Eid al-Fitr

On the occasion of Eid Al-Fitr, the psycho-social support team of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent- Lattakia branch organized a mission of various entertainment activities for children. The mission targeted more than 420 children on three days and in many schools in the governorate. The team played with the children and presented them with gifts at the end of each day. It is worth mentioning that the targeted children ages range between one year old to sixteen year old.

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