Psychosocial Support

Together We Can: An Exhibition Combines The Skills Of 30 Women

She distributes love through gifts made by her own hands, then regains it once again through words written for her by the (Together we can) exhibition visitors. Where Ms. Retha’a participated in as a model of a woman who has managed with her sheer determination to overcome her hard marriage experience and succeed in making candles, selling them, and rely on herself to bring up her children. Ms. Retha’a is one of 30 women brought together by psychosocial support activities within the humanitarian support project at SARC-Swaida branch. These activities provided an atmosphere of awareness, entertainment, and benefits for the participated women. After… Read More »

PSS sessions for kids in Gezlania area

Through two months, Mohammad (9 years) and his twin brother Ahmad have attended awareness and support sessions and enjoyed a great time with other kids. “I’m no longer ashamed to communicate with people Now I have a lot of friends.” Said Mohammad . Here in Al Gezlania community center, SARC psychosocial support team concluded the awareness and psychosocial support sessions and organized an open day yesterday with 250 kids, who have joined the kinetic games, and drew Ramadan lantern, in addition to singing and getting varied gifts.  

Promote Oral and Dental Health Care in Sawida City.

As a part of Psychosocial Support Team’s recreational activities at SARC Swaida Branch, the team dedicated an activity to promote oral  and dental health care for the students of Fozi Mezher and Kamel Srewi schools in Ateel village. Various drawings and brochures used to explain the importance of dental hygiene during the activity. At the end, the team distributed toothbrushes and toothpaste to 800 children through the beloved character Santa Clause.

Psychosocial support volunteers visiting Yabroud area

In order to listen to kids and to encourage them to achieve their ambitions, SARC’s psychosocial support team in Yabroud sub branch visited the schools and children centers.  Through two months,the team organized many entertainment activities that covered  Adel Saad and Mohammad Abd Allatyf schools in the participant of 900 kids, Al Hazaz kindergarten contained 400 kids. Al Mostakbal special needs society in the participant of 100 kids and 19 Youngers. The activities varied between kinetics games, supportive activities as ambitions stars and leafy crowns, face painting, competitive games and Puppet Theater. It was concluded with honoring the kids and distributing gifts for… Read More »

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