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Monitoring the Home Gardens Project

SARC – Aleppo livelihood team supervises  “Home Gardens” project that  included providing grants to the families of the eastern countryside of Aleppo (Al-Khafsa, Dair Hafer, Menbej and Al-Bab). The team has recently evaluated the benefits and usefulness of this project. Earlier this year, volunteers of the team distributed 4000 winter home garden kits that contained seeds for five winter vegetables (cabbage, parsley, beans, peas and spinach) in addition to farming tools supported by ICRC and IFRC.

Distributing relief items in Rural Damascus

“I will get a red tooth brush” said Mayas (5 years) who accompanied her mother to SARC distribution center to get the hygiene parcel. Where SARC volunteers distributed 1000 food parcels and 400 hygiene kits to the families in Tal Kharouf, Kherbet Al Ward and Efreh in a support from ICRC.

Distributing Shelter Kits to IDPs in Tal Refaat

SARC – Aleppo shelter team exerts all efforts to respond to the needs of people displaced from Afrin to Tal Refaat in north-eastern Aleppo countryside. The team has recently assessed the needs of IDPs then distributed 300 shelter kits that contain wooden doors and windows to improve living conditions and increase privacy and security. It is worth mentioning that those kits were supported by UNHCR.  

A Special Activity for children with cancer

Every day, SARC – Aleppo protection and psychosocial support team accompanies cancer children during their treatment at the Oncology Department, Aleppo University Hospital. Volunteers of the team do their best to ease the psychological pain that the healing process leaves on children and their families. As the month of Ramadan has just begun, volunteers decorated the treatment room and held a special activity on this occasion, where children, along with their mothers and doctors, made lanterns and listened to interesting stories told by a story-teller. This activity drew smiles on children’s innocent faces and enhanced their determination to beat the… Read More »

40.000 Individuals are Benefiting from Tal Refaat Pumping Station

SARC- Aleppo water and construction team in collaboration with ICRC has recently finished rehabilitating 11 water pumping stations in Tal Refaat. The rehabilitation involved repairing pumps and supporting the stations with electric panels and cables. This will improve the water supply and secure drinkable water for 40,000 people in north Aleppo countryside.

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