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SARC response in Al-Hol Camp entered its 3rd month now

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent is going on response in Al-Hol Camp, where the volunteers of different departments are exerting greatest efforts, within the limit of available possibilities, to meet the essential needs of the people there. Through January and February, SARC has delivered the following relief items: –    34.310 Hot meals. –    28.428 Water bottles. –    9.623 Food parcels. –    96.510 Peanuts butter. –    17.360 Canned food parcels. –    11.100 Blankets. –    17.510 Children clothes kits. –    30.000 Baby diapers bags. –    1.500 Mattresses. –    2.000 Hygiene kits.   In addition, SARC established sheltering tents, 29 bathrooms, 116 toilets,… Read More »

Starting again while adapting to change

After losing her home and dental clinic due to the difficult security situation, Amal is left to face life’s challenges alone. Life challenges and the responsibilities of raising her children while her husband is overseas affected her nervous system further impacted her ability to walk. Amal has received the medical support needed from SARC medical prosthetics department where she was able to carry on her life’s journey. Furthermore, she sought the support of the SARC-HSP SGBV program @UNHCR.SYRIA which guided her and empowered her through awareness sessions and counseling sessions. Amal’s will to become independent led her to register with… Read More »

More services are delivered to meet the needs of the people in Al- Hol camp

SARC teams in Hasakeh branch continue on their response to Al-Hol Camp, where they delivered a mobile clinic equipped with the needed medical supplies and medicines to provide medical services by  hands of specialized medical team.   The clinic started providing the medical services insid the Camp (Al-Tawasouaa points and the 7th section set up recently in the Camp). In addition, SARC first aid section delivered two ambulances staffed with qualified squad to provide first aid services on the first  points recieving the arriving people. For the increasing number of arrivals, SARC is establishing 100 tent supported by the ICRC. In… Read More »

SARC is still responding to the people’s needs in Al-hole Camp

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent teams in Hasakeh city are responding to the people, mostly women and children, arrived recently in Al-hole Camp. The teams established 25 public bathrooms inside the camp and delivered a generator (45 kVA), supported by the ICRC to the desalination station. In addition, during the period from 27 February to 2 March, the have distributed 14700 hot meals, water bottles, 2000 blankets, 3000 canned food parcels, 2000 hygiene kits, 2500 childern clothes kits provided by IFRC, ICRC, UNICEF and WFP.

SARC receives new arrivals to Al-Hole Camp

An emergency response is carried out by SARC- Hasakeh branch volunteers at first access points of Al-Hole Camp, where they received families arriving from Al-Baghouz areas. 55 volunteers from the disaster management, water and construction project, psycho-social support mobile team and mines risk education team started the response three days ago (24/2/2019). The have been working the whole day and late into the night in order to meet the needs of the people and alleviate the suffering. The response, which is still going on, included a delivery of 16750 hot ready to eat meals, 10200 drinking water bottles, 3000 blankets,… Read More »

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