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For 12 days now, SARC intensifies its humanitarian response in Daraa and rural areas

SARC teams respond to the needs of IDPs from Rural Daraa in three humanitarian corridors and temporary shelters. Between 19th -30th of June 2018, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent carried out the following works: Rehabilitation of 4 shelters (Jbab temporary shelter, Jbab first shcool, “Al Shaheed Al Sayed Ahmed” school and a kindergarten behind Jbab first school) Installing 229 tents. Installing 12 water tanks (with 5m3 capacity) and another 2 with (2m3 capacity) all being filled with fresh water around the clock. Installing 16 toilets. Distributing 3000 water bottles in humanitarian corridors. Rehabilitating sewage networks. Providing health care services whereas… Read More »

Open day to raise awareness on handwashing

SARC – Aleppo health awareness promotion team in collaboration with Oxfam organized an open day for 600 children in Tal Qirah and Al-Shahbaa Camps in Tal Refaat. “Hand Washing” was the theme of the awareness sessions that concluded with distributing water bottles and hand sanitizers to help children maintain their personal hygiene.

Eid Maamool in Al Tall

14-year-old Shahed and her friends gathered at Al Tall in Rural Damascus community center with volunteers from The Red Crescent to finish the (Resilience and Psycho-Social Support) workshop by making Eid Maamool “Arabic sweets for Eid” to present it for a number of people with disabilities to bring joy into their hearts, Shahed sincerely said: “We must share joy”

Home garden project reached its final stage

Based on several standards and information collected by livelihoods team, the final stage of the home gardens project has been reached as the team visited various families to evaluate the project’s achievements and see how they benefited of its production regarding the quality and quantity. 1500 families in Swaida Governorate benefited from this project, which SARC and ICRC launched to empower displaced and affected families.

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