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SARC & WFP airdrop No 200 marked a delivery more than 3500 tons of Humanitarian aid to Deir Ezzour

More than 3500 tons of humanitarian aid reached to approximately 100.000 persons in Deir Ezzour city as SARC and WFP had the airdrop operation No 200 successfully done on 6/3/2017. The mentioned airdrops deliveries started to reach the city on 10/4/2016 where SARC- Deir Ezzour branch managed collection and distribution operation in coordination with the Relief sub-committee there. These humanitarian aid supported by the WFP contained rice, beans, lentil, crushed wheat, hummus, sugar, salt, cooking oil and bread yeast. Other items like ghee, tomato pulp, car tires and water purification items were supported by the ICRC, while the high energy… Read More »

Relief Aid is distributed to Displaced People in Damascus

SARC- Disaster management unite in Damascus distributed humanitarian relief aid to approximately 530 displaced families in Damascus city during February 2017. The relief items contained food and non-food items (hygiene kits, kitchen kits, mattresses, blankets, tarpaulins and children winter clothes). It is worth to mention that the previous items were supported by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), the International Federation of the Red Cross Red Crescent (IFRC), German Red Cross (GRC), the Danish Refugees Council (DRC), UNHCR and the UNICEF.

Hygiene promotion activities in Rural Damascus

Hygiene promotion team in SARC’s Rural Damascus branch concluded many awareness campaigns during Dec.2017 that addressed communicable diseases in these areas: (Yabroud, Al Tall, Al Dumayer, Qatana, Jairoud, Jaramana and Dwilaa). The campaigns contained several topics about (lice, scabies and leishmania) and targeted 12033 people, who also were presented with shampoo, soaps and brochures at the end of each campaign. SARC team also distributed winter clothes for 1060 people in Qara, organized awareness sessions for 40 mothers in Jairoud, and carried out an activity for 350 kids and 107 Youngers in Al Dwilaa.

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