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Mobile Medical Team served 6098 Patients in December 2016

SARC – Aleppo continues providing health care services in Aleppo through it medical mobile teams and the mobile clinic. In December 2016, SARC – Aleppo mobile medical team provided primary health care services, including check up and medications to 6098 patients. These services are provided  in Jibrin, Al-Mahalej and Masaken Hanano areas on a daily basis.

Awareness-Raising Activity for Children on Remnants of War

The Counseling Center for Psychosocial Support (SARC-the Danish project) targeted 135 children in Al-Bayadaan in an awareness-raising activity on war remnants, which might be still explosive . The activity involved shows and action games full of warnings about unknown objects and remnants. It provided them with instructions and the right things to do when they come across such remnants. Date: 12 Jan 2017

SARC Homs responds to returning families’ monthly needs in Al Qusoor

SARC Homs teams carry on providing help to the returning families in Al Qusoor area through SARC Homs Al Qusoor point. During January, the relief team of SARC Homs distributed food parcels to 103 families there. Furthermore, sheltering team modified “Diya’ Aldeen Klaleeb” school to  a sheltering centre for 20 families during December 2016. In addition, health awareness team of SARC Homs continues on providing beneficiaries with educational programs through its regular visits to that area.  

Water and Sanitation Team Responded to Water Shortage in Rural Swaida

Water and Sanitation team of SARC– Swaida Branch responded to water shortage crisis in the rural of Swaida (Salakhed, Altha’lah, Dama , Aldweri, Ta’ara and Shakka). Supported by ICRC, the team replaced eight submersible water pumps in those villages and restored some of the water wells with (pull pipes – cables for the pumps) in order to provide Swaida and its rural with safe drinking water.

SARC Water Team Installed water line in AL-kafer Twon in Swaida

  Water & Sanitation Team SARC- Swaida Branch  in cooperation with local community water institution and supported by the International Committee of the Red Cross installed a new water pipeline (22000 meters) in length and (160 millimeters) in diameter to ensure the access of safe drinking water in sufficient quantities to the people in Al-Kafer Town and to avoid the wastage and leakage problem as a result of the old decomposed water pumping system there. The project began on the first of this month and is scheduled to be implement within 60 days..

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