Water And Sanitation

Rehabilitation Abaza Hospital Shelter in Quneitra

After 25 days of the intensive labour Water and Sanitation Team of Syrian Arab Red Crescent in Quneitra branch finished rehabilitation of Abaza Hospital shelter in Al Baath City. The team repaired bathrooms, the Sewage, made A group kitchen, set up an Electric grid to light the shelter. This step comes to facilitate 175 family life and this project come with cooperation plan between SARC and International Committee of Red Cross- ICRC

The wells return pumping in Artouz area

It is part of water and Sanitation team’s work in SARC’s Rural Damascus Branch to secure clean water, make it accessible for everyone and make sure to save and store the water clean. Within this context, SARC’s Water and Sanitation team launched Artouz project in cooperation with Medar to serve 60000 people who lives in Artouz area with Buffer Tanks. The project started on 15/2/2016 and lasted till 20/4/2016. The team also prepared three Wells (Abo Luez, AlMalab, and Al zaytoun) control and electricity rooms and set of generators for each well in the area.

Qara Irrigation project in cooperation with Red Cross

SARC’s Rural Damascus Water and Sanitation team discussed the cooperation table with a delegation from ICRC water and sanitation office through a visit to Qara on Monday 25/4/2016. The delegation was headed by Mr. Micheal Brawon WatHab delegate for ICRC, who confirmed the importance of accomplishing irrigation project, which contain installing Oxfam tank (with 45 M3 capacity), and a pump to secure water in the farms through a pipelines’ network fed from main spring water in the area. The delegation checked also with a team from SARC Qara sub-branch the living situation and how to secure people needs as soon… Read More »

SARC’s Quneitra received materials to improve water conditions

Syrian Arab Red Crescent – Quneitra branch received  Water and Sanitation materials on Thursday 24/3/2016 introduction from the International Committee of Red Cross. The materials included three pumps for Sewage Company  in Quneitra and three generators, two with 45 K.V.A capacity and the other with 60 K.V.A capacity that could improve wells conditions and reach largest  number of beneficiaries from drinking water under the continues interruption of electricity. SARC’s water and sanitation team in Quneitra seeks by their continues activities to provide clean and safe drinking water and improve the lives of affected people from the during crisis in the country.

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