SARC’s Quneitra Branch

Rehabilitation Abaza Hospital Shelter in Quneitra

After 25 days of the intensive labour Water and Sanitation Team of Syrian Arab Red Crescent in Quneitra branch finished rehabilitation of Abaza Hospital shelter in Al Baath City. The team repaired bathrooms, the Sewage, made A group kitchen, set up an Electric grid to light the shelter. This step comes to facilitate 175 family life and this project come with cooperation plan between SARC and International Committee of Red Cross- ICRC

” I Love My Teeth” Activity Quneitra

Psycho-social support team of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent in Quneitra branch carried out an educational  activity about Dental hygiene on Wednesday 8/6/2016. The activity targeted 45 child between (4-12) years old in Abaza hospital shelter in Al Baath City. The team presented a tutorial video on teeth cleaning method and  harmful food to dental health. The activity ended up by distributing brush and tooth paste for participated children reminding  them to wash their teeth daily and wishing  them good teeth health and wonderful smile.

With Joy We continue

On the final day of school, Psychosocial support team of Syrian Arab Red Crescent in AlBoteha sub branch targeted  Alwafdeen camp shelters (boteha1, boteha2, mehaneeh) to provide psychosocial activities. Beneficiaries reached 357 children between (4-13) years during May2016. The activities varied among entertainment, kinetics, handy and creativity activities. The activities aimed to develop children’s skills and alleviate the suffering they face in everyday life.

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