New course for psychosocial support volunteers

Through some cubes that simulate the reality, the SAR- PSS volunteers create a unique way to organize their response in affected areas. This is called “community-based support”, which aims to study the strengths and weaknesses of communities, so the Syrian Arab Red Crescent has trained 47 volunteers about these topics in Sehnaya and Ashrafia during the last week. The trainers also went through other topics such as the crisis and psychological support, psychological stress, loss and grief, primary psychological aid and supportive communication, children, and support of workers and volunteers.

Medical teams celebrate International Women’s Day

A word from the heart may leave a great impact on women and girls who chose the strength as a  slogan in life. SARC volunteers participated women on their day through entertainment activities and sessions highlighting empowerment, role and rights of women in society that launched in Jdaide, Al Kisweh, Hafeer Tahta, Al-Ghizlaniyah, Rankoos. 149 women and girls participated in these activities which concluded by distributing gifts supported by UNFPA.

Hygiene awareness campaign in Al Nashabia and Al Kisweh

How do mothers deal with hepatitis and chronic diseases? Are children aware of the dangers and methods of prevention? These questions and more were the main topics in an awareness campaign launched by SARC hygiene promotion team during the past two months. The team concluded the campaign in Al Nashabia and Al Kisweh and went through these topics: the hepatitis A, methods of prevention and treatment of lice, infections and the right methods of hand washing. Two thousand women and children participated in this campaign in Al Nashabia, and  3800 others in Al Kisweh, while the team distributed hygiene kits… Read More »

distributing relief items in Sednaya

Five years ago, Um Hasan left her home in Al Hasake but she couldn’t find a work to take care and support her three children and her sick husband. “I have never settled in a house for more than six months” she told Syrian Arab Red Crescent volunteers, who were assessing the needs of those families in all Rural Damascus areas in order to help them face the bad situation as they live in unfinished buildings. In January 2018, SARC teams delivered relief items to the people in need in Sednaya town. The items consisted of 136 mattresses, 5334 blankets, 581 kitchen… Read More »

New wheat season for thousand families

SARC Livelihood team distributed wheat seeds and fertilizer to more than two thousand families in: Al Zabadani, Al Nabek, Sednaya, Harmoon, Al Ghezlania, Sehnaya, Al Qutaifa, Qara, Qatana, Al Tall, Yabroud, Harran, east Ghouta and Al kiswa after assessing the needs in cooperation with Ministry of Agriculture. This project aims to secure basic food and bread for the families, where these items are provided by ICRC and IFRC.

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