Operational Update Quneitra Branch-May 2015

Alwafedeen camp, Syria, equipping shelters with hygiene materials, photo: Majd Ghrer Alwafedeen camp, Syria, equipping shelters with hygiene materials, photo: Majd Ghrer

Alwafedeen camp, Syria, equipping shelters with hygiene materials, photo: Majd Ghrer


242 emergency cases had been transferred through the last five months

47471 beneficiaries from relief materials during May

Building Capacities:

Quneitra branch finished two training courses in Disaster Management principles.

The first one took place at SARC’s Quneitra main center between 19-24 May, 2015, with 30 volunteers attending.

The second one took place in Al Boteha sub-branch between 26-30 May, 2015, with 35 volunteers attending.

The courses contained lectures on the disaster preparedness, Relief, Assessment, Registering, Sheltering, Search and Rescue, Evacuation and Safer Access.

SARC’s Quneitra branch organize these courses to qualify volunteers who would like to work in the humanitarian field.


First Aid Services:

Syrian Arab Red Crescent’s First aid teams in Quneitra branch responded to 60 cases, 17 of them had been transferred from Quneitra to Damascus hospitals.

First aid team in Al Wafeeden camp transferred 9 cases to Al Qutaifa hospital in Damascus.

Mobile Health Clinic:

MHC treated 1564 patients in Quneitra shelters and residential, It provided them with free prescriptions.

it reached Ain Aiesha, Al Koom, Al Sndianah, Khan Arnabeh, Al Baath City, Al Mnswra, Jewza, jaba and Al Mshqaa areas.

SARC’s volunteers in Al Boteha sub-branch transferred 21 patients to the dispensary in Al Wafedeen camp to get medicine.


8477 food parcels, 8032 blankets, 101 health parcels were distributed to 47471 beneficiaries in (Khan Arnabeh, Al Baath City, Al Koom, Jaba, Al Wafeeden Camp).

Disaster Management Team in Al Wafeeden Camp secured five families from AlGhota in shelters and provided them with relief materials.

Estimation team in Al Boteha sub-branch evaluated the needs of arrival people who came lately from Jesar Al Shaaoor and Tadmor (Palmyra) areas.

Psycho-social Support:

Psycho-social Support team focused on Jaba and Khan Arnabeh areas, they reached 211 child, The activities varied between (Psychological games, grouped games, drawing)

The team also organized awareness sessions to help young kids face their problems and develop their skills.

psychosocial support team in Al Booteha sub-branch had participated in an advanced course in psychological support in Damascus.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion (WASH):

In cooperation with International Committee of Red Cross, Water and Sanitation team had finished equipping shelters in Al Wafeeden camp with hygiene materials included (water tanks, heaters, pipes, lighting, showers, washbasins, garbage containers). The shelters are hosting 93 families, included almost 416 persons.

Quneitra Water and Sanitation team continued in cooperation with Water Institution to supply water to the shelters and residents in all over the governorate, and distributing water sterilization pills.

The team distributed Pesticides in the governorate to mitigation the spread of insects.

SARC’s Quneitra received relief aid convey from World Health Organization (WHO) which contained Chlorine injection pumps and Bladr tanks.

The team emptied rot drilling in cooperation with Sanitation Institution in Al Quneitra.

communication team:

In a step to spreading the principles of International Red Cross and Red Crescent and the basic principles of International Humanitarian Law, the communication team had given a lecture in disaster management training course in the main center of SARC’s Quneitra branch.

The team distributed more than 30 publications, explain the principles of International Red Cross Red Crescent movement.



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