Health care services alleviate tough living conditions in Rukban Camp

“Burdens! uncountable burdens!” said Abo-Muhamed whose family’s needs has weighed heavily over the three years he lived in Rukban Camp under harsh winter and severe heat in summer.
The 70s-year-man, a breadwinner of 8 members, worked there in sheep breeding which caused him a lung disease. Day after day, his condition has deteriorated due to lack of health services and the need to work continuously without being able to have a rest for a while.
Today Abo-Mohamed is living in a sheltering center in Homs city, and thanks to Syrian Arab Red Crescent teams who transferred him to the nearest health center to get proper treatment, and dedicated best efforts to meet the needs of all families coming out from Rukban.
It is worth mentioning that SARC ambulances and mobile clinics started providing health services to the people in Rukban five months. They work 7/24 to reach all groups there.

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