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Fatima never forgets her old friends of SARC volunteers

When Fatima (4 y) smiled in front of the camera, she moved everyone’s emotions around her making them smile back, especially SARC volunteers, her old friends. She has known them since 6 years ago when she left with her family their home in Kafer Zita in Hama to Lattakia because of the tough circumstances. Her mother is the only breadwinner of the family as her husband is handicapped. She knew about SARC services in Lattakia and got her share of food parcels and hygiene kits provided periodically by hygiene promotion team for cerebral palsy people. Fatima keeps by heart the… Read More »

A new year and a new challenge

Ahmad (10 years), who has dreams to reach planets and space, celebrated the new year with firm cancer-beating determination and made his wishes for the quick recovery of all children with cancer, whom he met at an activity launched by SARC-PSS team in the Juvenile Care Society in Hama city. The team carried out entertaining activities, distributed gifts and winter clothes, provided by UNICEF, to the children with cancer.

Qais regain his right in playing

With an innocent childish features and warm smile that broke the winter cold, Qais Express his joy with his portion of winter clothes, Which Syrian Arab Red Crescent volunteers surprised him with it in the distribution Center in Izraa city. “i wasnt able to play with my friends, because my old shoes didnt fit my feet, and the cold prevented me from leaving the House,” a few words describes the suffering of an eight years old boy When he was watching his friends playing, his family Financial situation do not always allow him to get what he want from clothes,… Read More »

Warm reunion reveals the agony of absence

Elaf (means affinity) restored the deep meaning of her name as she reunited with her family Only a heart-warming family cuddle could express a yearning that was too deep to be uttered in words. At Kassab border point, in Lattakia, waiting-time was over and the dream came true because SARC and ICRC managed to fulfill a humanitarian mission under Restoring Family Link Program. On the reunion day- Wednesday, Nov 21, 2018- The whole family of Elaf stood together waiting for her arrival. Her father has just hoped her to return in a healthy state, while her siblings kept mentioning her… Read More »

SARC helps Celine have a lively childhood…

Celine a 2-year-old girl had been suffering from a brain tumor since she was 5 months old. Resection was conducted to remove part of the tumor in her brain. The Surgery had side effects and it left Celine diagnosed with Paraperisis, therefore her mother reached out to Al-Bassel hospital in Tartous where they recommended for Celine a standing Table. Consequently, Celine’s mother seeked for assistance from the MIKA team of SARC-HSP who responded immediately and delivered the standing table. Celine was referred to the Child Protection program to follow up her treatment and physiotherapy sessions at Al- Bassel Hospital. The… Read More »

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