SARC delivered high Water- Pumping capacity to Al Boteha

Water and sanitation team of Syrian Arab Red Crescent – Quneitra branch in cooperation with International Committee of Red Cross delivered High-pressure water pump to Al-boteha Municipality on 22/1/2017. The pump help to clean up the sewages network in Al-boteha which always clogged and make people suffer. Almost 50 thousands residents in Al-Wafeeden Camp will get benefit from this pump.

Daily working for Health Care

The Mobile Health Clinic of Syrian Arab Red Crescent in Quneitra branch has its daily work of seeing patients and provide them with free medicines. It also held educating session about health care and how to avoid contagious diseases. the clinic has provided services to more than 13,695 people, 4190 children among them in 25 sheltering centers and residential areas in the province during 2016, and it will exert more efforts on 2017 to reach the greatest number of most needed affected people.  

Distributing Wheat Seeds in Quneitra

Livelihoods team of SARC- Quneitra Branch and in cooperation with Agriculture Institution in Quneitra distributed wheat seeds and fertilizers to farmers in Quneitra countryside villages (Jeba, Khan Arnabeh, AlKoom and Hader). Wheat seeds were distributed to  772  family, while fertilizers were distributed to 725 benefit family. This mission started in mid-November 2016 and lasted till the end of December 2016.  

Our Hand’s Warmth

Psycho-social Support Team of Syrian Arab Red Crescent in Al boteha sub branch concluded a  knitting course on 28/12/2016. The course, which started on 15/11/2016, targeted 29 mothers in Al wafdeen camp shelters(Mohamad Fandi- Al boteha1). The team taught them how to weave wool and make winter clothes. Psychosocial Support Team always seeks to enhance mothers’ confidence and help them to be self dependent persons.

Disaster management course in Quneitra

Syrian Arab Red Crescent Quneitra branch finished a training course in Disaster Management principles on Thursday 22/12/2016. The four day course was attended by  27 volunteers, and involved sessions  about disaster management and preparedness, relief, assessment, registration, sheltering, food security, livelihoods and restoring family links.

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