SARC- Homs PSS Team Activities During Eid Al-Adha

On the third day of Eid Al-Adha, SARC- Homs psycho-social support team held many activities for 845 children in “Om Alkasab- Almohagreen- Gablaya- Ajabriah- Al-Zahraa and EinAltina”. It is worth mentioning that these activities were held jointly between SARC and DRC.

Relief Aid Convoy Reaches Al-Rastan in Rural Homs

Another humanitarian duty was awaiting for SARC volunteers. They have to deliver a humanitarian relief aid convoy for 107500 people in Al-Rastan area on Sunday 27 Aug, 2017. The convoy, which was delivered jointly with ICRC and UN, contained food parcels, flour, nutrition items, blankets, medical items and water & sanitation. All mentioned relief items were received by SARC- Al-Rastan sub- branch.

School Kits distribution campaign in Homs city and countryside

During summer, some students try to make up for the subjects they missed and did not pass to prepare for the complementary tests. SARC teams visited these students in schools and distributed 2448 school kits (bags and stationary) to motivate these students. This campaign targeted 20 areas in Homs city and its countryside in cooperation with Homs Educational Directory and supported by ICRC. .  

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