PSS Training Course at SARC-Homs

In line with the plan of the Child-Friendly spaces project, the trainers of SARC-Homs psycho-social support team held a training course that aimed to build capacities of new volunteers. They trained 26 new volunteers, for five consecutive days, on psycho-social support mechanism and on how to deal with beneficiaries according to the joint project between SARC and UNICEF.  

Qualifying and training volunteers for SARC-Homs Health Promotion Team

Due to the deterioration of the public health situations among the affected communities, SARC-Homs branch developed  the national program for ‪‎health promotion‬ in the local communities in order to provide healthy and dignified life for the affected people. SARC-Homs health promotion team held a training health promotion course that aimed to provide 24 volunteers in Al-Wadi sub-branch to plan and carry out awareness activities for health promotion team there. The course included essential practical and theoretical sessions  about “WASH” conception and the necessity of applying it during emergency, response and interventions, health promotion skills, social training, a tree of problems, “the… Read More »

Rapid Response to the Damilies Displacement from Mharda to Alwadi

Disaster management teams in SARC- Homs branch are still responding to the displacement movement of 920 families from Mharda and Sqalbiya area to AlWadi area in the western countryside of Homs. This displacement started on 23rd of this month as result of the current situation in Hama northern countryside. SARC team in AlWadi sub-branch distributed relief items (food and hygiene parcels, blankets, mattresses, kitchen sets, and solar power light) and checked up the health of the displaced persons. Theses relief items were offered by ICRC, UNHCR, and WFP.

SARC-Homs Livelihood Team Vaccinated 596 Sheep through “Sheep Project”

SARC Homs livelihood team carried out a mission of vaccinating 596 sheep and newborn sheep against Enterotoxemia in Al Husin area through “Sheep Project”. Two veterinaries, accompanied with SARC volunteers, supervised the 5 day vaccinating process. It is worth mentioning that livelihood team visits beneficiaries regularly in order to help them solving the problems that they face.  

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