Distribution of Aids to IDPs around Fafin

In the framework of the emergency response that started three months ago and still continues up to the moment, SARC – Aleppo assessment and #relief team distributed food and nonfood items to 446 families displaced from Afrin after evaluating the humanitarian conditions of the families in the farms nearby Fafin village. The distributed aids involved (food parcel – mattresses – blankets – mats – hygiene kit – kitchen kit – solar lights – jerry cans – mosquito net – plastic sheets – diapers – elderly diapers). Those aids were supported by ICRC, UNHCR, UNICEF and WFP.

European Parliament Members paid a visit to SARC – Aleppo

A European Parliament delegation visited Aleppo branch of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC – Aleppo) to learn about its activities and projects in addition to checking the humanitarian situation in the city. The delegation was accompanied by a number of senators of the Syrian Parliament and received by SARC – Aleppo’s chairman of the board and the branch manager.

53.000 Hot Meals Per Day in Ramadan

In Ramadan, the six collective kitchens supported by SARC – Aleppo and ICRC increase their productivity to produce 53.000 hot meals per day. These kitchens are run in collaboration with JRS, Ahl Al-Khair, Al-Ber wa Al-Ihsan and Maan Nartaqy NGOs and SARC sub-branch in Al-Safira.

Distribution of Nonfood Items in Al-Shahba Camp

You may take sleeping peacefully in your bed every night for granted, but this is not the case for the 6 years old, Yousef, who hasn’t had a goodnight sleep since he and his family were dislocated to Al-Shahba Camp in Tal_Refaat. “I’m sleeping on a new mattress tonight”, said Yousef happily while walking with his mother after receiving the nonfood items that SARC – Aleppo distributed to 95 families in Al-Shahba Camp with support from MEDAIR and coordination with Maristes Alep. The distributed items included mattresses, blankets, mats, pillows, carpets, jerry-cans and rechargeable troches.

Distribution of Aids to 900 Baccalaureate Students

At the beginning of the General Secondary Education’s Examinations, 900 students from different areas of Aleppo countryside had to come to the city to take their exams and resided at 6 sheltering centers temporarily. SARC – Aleppo relief team responded to their basic needs by distributing nonfood items (sanitation and cleaning materials – mattresses – blankets – mats – kitchen kits – jerry-cans) in addition to food (bread – canned food) with support from WFP, ICRC, UNHCR and Oxfam. The team distributed also the hot meals on a daily basis in collaboration with Al-Ihsan’s collective kitchen.

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