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A Word from the SARC President Dr. Attar in the occasion of  World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day 

“On World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day this year, we celebrate the bravery and achievements of our volunteers and staff, whose life-saving and life-changing services ensure that we keep our commitment to humanity every day. We are local and international, independent and neutral, and we are everywhere for everyone”

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[g_label type=”important”]Humanitarian Stories [/g_label]

SARC brought hope to Mouhamad Naser 

محمد ناصر  (2) (Copy)Mohammad Naser, 34 years old, lost his leg due to a bomb, which exploded near his vegetable stall in an area in Homs. He said, “I heard about SARC-Homs artificial limbs team and registered my name. We went to Damascus and they attached a new leg to me and trained me on walking.”
After that, SARC-Homs livelihood team provided him with ice cream freezer and a generator to sell ice cream in his area and improve his income. “Thank God, my status is good,” he added about his new job, “I will make it better when I work and my God helps me.”
SARC teams help affected people and enhance their capacity to live in local societies and face obstacles during  disasters and conflicts.
[g_quote]I heard about SARC artificial limbs team and registered my name. We went to Damascus and they attached a new leg to me and trained me on walking[/g_quote]


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Providing Ghaith with new chances to overcome his disability

غيث (4) (Copy)Ghaith, 26 years old, was born without an upper limb. When there was a high frequency fighting in Homs, he fled his house in Juret Al-Shayah to a safer place.
One of his friends told him about SARC-Homs artificial limbs team. The team attached a new limb to him eight months ago. Then through coordination between artificial limbs team and livelihood team, he was invited to attend a meeting about livelihood projects. After the team checked the applications of livelihood projects, they supported him to start his own project, which is “Maintenance of Electronic Equipment”.
In cooperation with SARC artificial limbs team, SARC livelihood team provides people, who lost their limbs, with jobs to make living.

[g_quote]Syrian Arab Red Crescent Help me to match my dream[/g_quote]


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Small Volunteer

المتطوع الصغيرEvery night, little Elias Yacoub, dreams about his small toys and house, which he left five years.

Young in age, but full of dreams and ambitions, Elias constantly blames his mother for having abandoned their house and he keeps asking her: “Why didn’t you bring me a few toys from the house?” “You must thank God we are unhurt,” she answers in a soothing and assuring tone of voice, promising him to buy new toys instead of those lost while they’re being displaced and trying to seek shelter.

Elias is hardworking student on the third grade of elementary school.  His teachers recognized him as the best student in class and have high sense of humanity and great souls. Every day and as soon as he memorize his school duties, Elias attends the Syrian Arab Red Crescent sub-branch in the nearby as he has bonds of friendship with the volunteers there who realized the deep humanitarian senses of his souls and named him as “the small volunteer”.

Elias, who works with great excitements along his volunteers colleague said “I am going to be a voluntary doctor in the Syrian Arab Red Crescent”.

[g_quote]I am going to be a voluntary doctor in the Syrian Arab Red Crescent[/g_quote]


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[g_label type=”important”]Videos[/g_label]

Mohammad Khair defies his disability after attaching a new lower limb
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After delivering relief aids to hard to reach areas of Homs countryside, we couldn’t return without visiting Mohammad Khair. We met Mohammad, who is 4 and a half and who lives in Talbisah, after a few months of attaching his new artificial leg. He suffers a life-long injury when he lost his leg and his sister died due to a bomb that exploded before their house.
SARC did its best to treat him. Mohammad was going with SARC-Homs artificial limbs team to the Artificial Limbs Center in Damascus weekly.
Now, Mohammad can play with his friends and live normally.
SARC artificial limbs team provides beneficiaries, who lost their limbs, with new limbs and with physical and psychological rehabilitation.
122 people benefited from this project, 21 of them are children.
It is worth mentioning that the artificial limbs project is supported by ICRC.

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SARC help me to be “the boss of my career” again

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The shop, which was empty, made Bassam feel helpless.
Bassam Al-Housni worked as a dressmaker for 40 years in his own shop in Homs Old City. He was the boss of his dressmaking workshop, but when he fled due to the crisis, he worked as a salaried dressmaker in other workshops. “I suffered a lot,” he says.
Bassam returned to his house in Al-Hamediya when that area was opened in May 2014. He read about livelihood projects in an advertisement near SARC-Homs point in Homs Old City. Then he attended introductory sessions about livelihood projects, so he was one of the first beneficiaries.
SARC provided him with equipment, sewing machines and strings. He added, “I am the boss of my career again.”
SARC provides returned families in Homs Old City with livelihood projects to help them earn an income.
[g_quote] SARC help me to be “the boss of my career” again [/g_quote]

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SARC Latakia  Brunch Activities 

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[g_label type=”important”]Photos[/g_label]

SARC Aleppo Brunch Activities 

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