Together for a better school environment

In cooperation with Homs Health Directorate , SARC’s Homs Branch- hygiene promotion team carried out a campaign with slogan “Together for a better school environment. ”
It targeted 12574 primary school students in the schools of “Al Eddikhar, Al Madinah Al Jamieya, Kharm Al Shami, Maskhana and Khafar Aya.”

The campaign dealt with the general hygiene behaviors according to the age group, primarily with the lice contagion and how to avoid it, the teeth care and other issues. It also shed light to the importance of the protection and with improving the immunity starting with washing hands properly and then how to use the shampoo and comb to get rid of lice. The campaign included also  educational lectures, playing games and an educational session for the parents.

It is worth mentioning that the hygiene promotion team’s project achieved by a collaboration between SARC and UNICEF.

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