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SARC Provides The Bakeries in Swaida with Electric Generation Set

Meeting the needs of the people in Swaida of bread requires increasing the production of the bakeries that are affected by the electricity suspension and power generators failures.The water and sanitation team at SARC Swaida Branch provided the bakeries with electric generation set with the capacity of 300 KVA for the automatic bakery in Swaida City and with the capacity of 80 KVA for the reserve bakery in AlQrayya Town, The generators are provided by ICRC.  

SARC Water Team Installed water line in AL-kafer Twon in Swaida

  Water & Sanitation Team SARC- Swaida Branch  in cooperation with local community water institution and supported by the International Committee of the Red Cross installed a new water pipeline (22000 meters) in length and (160 millimeters) in diameter to ensure the access of safe drinking water in sufficient quantities to the people in Al-Kafer Town and to avoid the wastage and leakage problem as a result of the old decomposed water pumping system there. The project began on the first of this month and is scheduled to be implement within 60 days..

Re-irrigate the dry agricultural lands in Maloula

People in Maloula area depends on agricultural works as  livelihood, so water and sanitation team in SARC’s Rural Damascus Branch went to Maloula to check the situation and work on securing the families’ needs and the irrigation water system there. On Thursday 28/4/2016,the team revisited the area along with a delegation from International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) and members from the Ministry of Environment. This visit was aimed to study the irrigation systems and the possibility of supplying them with new networks and equipping wells they specialize in agriculture and evaluation the solar panels to feed the wells. These activities are… Read More »

installing water tanks in Jdeidat Artouz area

SARC‬’s ‪Water and Sanitation‬ team in ‪Rural Damascus Branch‬ exerts intensive efforts to secure clean water to all areas and serve the ‪‎beneficiaries‬. On 17/3/2016 water and sanitation team finished distributing 175 water tanks of  (1m cubic each) for arrival families in ‪Jdeidat Artouz‬ town with ,  after assessing 143 unfinished buildings and notice the urgent need for these tanks.

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