Mobile clinics caring for patients and ease suffering

SARC’s Mobile Health Clinics in Rural Damascus branch provide all patients with health care and medical services. On Tuesday 19/1/2016, MHC visited Sednaya  with many volunteers from SARC’s Sednaya sub-branch, and provided 60 patients with medicines after examined them. The MHC also visited Hafeer Al Tahta shelters, and provided 62 patients with medicines after examined them. SARC’s MHC organize periodical visits to shelters and residential areas to follow up health issues, focusing on reaching remote areas to help patients wherever they are.

Operational Update Quneitra Branch- September 2015

Highlights: First aid teams transferring 217 cases through the main center and Al Boteha sub-branch. SARC’s ambulance is partly damaged due to shoot-fire around. Distributing stationery items for 350 children on back to school day. Health: First Aid Services: Syrian Arab Red Crescent’s Quneitra ambulance was hit twice and one person injured on Al Salam Highway during September. SARC’s first aid teams transferred 161 cases, 14 to Damascus and the others within the governorate. First aid team in Al Boteha sub-branch responded to 56 cases. 27 cases were transferred to Damascus and Al Qotefa hospitals. First aid teams are disciplined on shifts in Abaza hospital according to an… Read More »

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