Statement by The Syrian Arab Red Crescent

Damascus, Feb 22nd 2018

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) calls all parties to neutralize humanitarian facilities, aid workers and staff in areas that suffer from the crisis where SARC serves civilians and people in dire need for emergency aid and humanitarian response in the Syrian Arab Republic.

Unfortunately, during the past days, two Sub-branches locations of SARC where damaged in Douma and Harasta due to the current situation in the eastern part of rural Damascus. SARC volunteers, aid workers, and response facilities were victims of this crisis which heavily affected the response capacity of these two sub-branches.

SARC reiterates its calls to all parties to release and clarifies the whereabouts of the Head of SARC’s branch in Idlib Mr. Mohammad Abdulkader Wittee with whom SARC lost contact on Feb 17th 2018 while paying his humanitarian duties on the road between Ariha and Idlib.

Today, Thursday 22nd of Feb 2018, SARC regrets to announce the suspension of its pre-planned convoy to Afrin area, in cooperation with the International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC), due to the lack of safe passage and guarantees of not targeting the operation.

In cooperation and coordination with the RCRC movement, SARC would like to continue responding to the dire needs of Syrians wherever they are and around the hour, with full independency and neutrality.

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