SARC Responds to Water Shortage in Damascus

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) carried out an emergency response to water shortage in cooperation with Damascus Water supply Authority and ICRC.

More than 125 volunteers and staff member of SARC commenced the response on the very beginning of the water shortage crises that started on Dec 26th. Up to date they managed to provide about 1306 M3 of water, via SARC water tanks, to social support centers, bakeries, sheltering centers, schools and hospitals (Ibn Al-Nafees Hospital, the Surgical Medicine Hospital and the Ophthalmology Hospital), They also provided 416 M3 of water directly to the affected people in several areas (Kafar Sousah, Ruken Al Din, Al Mouhajrin, Dummar and Al Tijara…).

In the same time, SARC managed to activate the 39 emergency boreholes, that where prepared by SARC’s water team. These boreholes supporting the main water network and water direct distribution.

It is worth to mention that SARC teams keep holding their responsibilities to support and maintain the emergency boreholes with all needs (generators, pumps and all needed accessories)

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