Operational update- Tartous branch- July2016


36052 Family benefited from the relief services during  July 2016.

1889 people had been served by the mobile clinic.


The Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) Tartous branch registration team added the recently  affected families as the number of families registered reached to 63,040 families.


Relief teams  worked to cover most of the needs of the affected people in the main center and its sub- branches. They managed to distribute 36,052 food baskets 4786 hygiene basket 246, winter clothing and other relief material, which benefited approximately 36,052 families during the month.

First aid services:

first-aid teams in Tartous branch responded to 264 cases through its ambulances  and the number of services reached within the center and clinics 5211 service during July.

Mobile Clinic:

The  mobile clinic received  1889 people , and provided free medical prescriptions for patients, while the mobile medical team provided  services to more than 723 beneficiaries during  July.


The evaluation team in Tartus branch visited the families and conducted a survey all over the province and its suburbs, and assess the situation of 224 families within the city.

Water project:

Water & Sanitation team of SARC- Tartous branch carried out the following missions:

1-Follow-up  the equipment  installation process of  (pumps, pump lines) in Alderon area with  beneficiaries number reached to 76,000.

2- Follow-up maintenance works of the electricity grid and the final delivery procedures in Al-Insha’a wa Ta’ameer shelter center with beneficiaries total to 114 families.

3- Deliver set of reagents to the sewage institution

4- Follow-up maintenance works that executed in SARC – Banias camp.

Malnutrition Community center :

The malnutrition team visited 785 families.

–  The centere received 387 families.

– The number of referrals is 446.

– revisits 21

The number of cases of malnutrition:

– 1-  41 cases moderate malnutrition.

– 2-  6 cases acute malnutrition

Psychosocial support:

The three psychological support teams working in Tartous and its countryside organize awareness recreational activities in shelters, and during July the number of beneficiaries of psychosocial support services reached 867 beneficiaries.


The number of new staff member joined  SARC- Tartous branch  is 27 during July 2016

Media communication:

Media Group continues its activities in promoting the principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and the basic principles of international humanitarian law. During July they managed to cover and  publish  news of 19 activities carried out by the teams work in  Tartus branch .

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