Operational Update Quneitra Branch- August 2015

Quneitra, Syria. August 2015. First Aid course. photo: Afaf Mirzo Quneitra, Syria. August 2015. First Aid course. photo: Afaf Mirzo

Quneitra, Syria. August 2015. First Aid course. photo: Afaf Mirzo


62210 beneficiaries supported with relief services.

39 palmers joined an Advanced First Aid course.

MHC provided free prescriptions to 1892 patients.

80 person had their shelters repaired in Jaba area via sanitation services.

Psychosocial support session was carried out for 45 younger in Jweza shelter.

Building Capacities:

Syrian Arab Red Crescent’s Quneitra branch excuted a training course in advanced first aid on 20 – 27/8/2015.

The course was held for 39 volunteers from the main center in Quneitra and its sub-branches in Hader and Al Boteha.

The lectures contained varied subjects and practical training about correct behavior in emergency cases, dealing with respiratory and nervous system injuries, how to deal with heart injures, bleeding, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), Practical training on ambulance cars, carrying and transferring ways and first aid maneuver training to reach the best practice of the theoretical information.


First Aid Services:

SARC’s first aid teams transferred 91 cases, 13 cases to Damascus.

The Palmers responded to  blood donation call in Abaza hospital , more than four volunteers donated and helped Abaza medical staff.

Mobile Health Clinic:

Mobile Health Clinic provided 1892 patients with free medicines, 888 of them were children.

The daily program of MHC covers (Khan Arnabe, Al Baath City, Al Koom, Nabee Alfawar, Al Sndiane, Al Mshakak, Ain Aisha, Ain Alnorya, and Alshkara) areas.


More than 62210 beneficiaries from Relief services in Khan Arnabeh, Al Baath City, Al Koom, Al Halas, and Al Wafeeden Camp.

Relief teams distributed 11109 food parcels, 824 hygiene parcels, 1070 floor bags, 2912 children diapers, and 2000 mattress.

Psychosocial Support:

Psychosocial support team supported 231 children in Jaba, Jweza and Al Mashakak areas

The team carried out psychosocial support sessions for 45 teenager in Jweza shelter, where these awareness sessions concentrated on how to manage stress, face problems and  skills development.

Psychosocial support team in Al Boteha sub-branch organized creative activities and grouped games for 70 Children in Al-Wafeeden shelters.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion (WASH):

Water and sanitation team provided drinking water to all shelters in the governorate. The team fill up water tanks twice a week, where the beneficiaries reach 12800 in every single filling.

In a step of providing as much as possible of affected people with  drinking water, the team installed eight water tanks in Khan Arnabe, Al Baath City, Jaba, Dabia, Al Koom, and Al Sndiane areas.

Also Water Institution in Quneitra was supported with three generators by the International Committee of Red Cross.
A joint delegation from the International Committee of Red Cross and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent Quneitra branch visited Al Halas village to check the water well preparedness, after providing it with a (45 K.V.A) generator Introduction from ICRC.

They also visited the Solid Waste Treatment factory in Al Halas, and Al Mheres well to discuss the possibility of providing them with new generators too.

The team some shelters in Jaba area, where they installed water tank and pump, they also repaired the ceiling  and changed windows and doors to make 80 person’s life more comfortable.

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