Fadi Mousa, a volunteer with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent – Quneitra branch

My name is Fadi Mousa, and I’m a first aid team volunteer. I’ve been working as a paramedic in Syrian Arab Red Crescent in Al Quneitra since the beginning of Syrian crises in 2011.

I chose this field because helping people especially these days is a priceless thing; even if it’s a huge responsibility. I took a part in many important missions, such as evacuating civilians from Beer Ajam area and transferring cases from Al Quneitra to Damascus hospitals. Once we received an emergency call to transfer a very sick girl from Al- Hamedeia area in Al-Quneitra to Abaza hospital; the little girl was suffering from gland inflammation. After bringing her to the hospital and checking her health status I felt very satisfied. It’s a very high responsibility to be a volunteer in Syrian Arab Red Crescent and I’m so proud to be with my friends here in SARC Quneitra.

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