SARC Delivers sterilization chlorine gas to Ascinn station

Syrian Arab Red Crescent in Tartous & Lattakia in coordination with the Headquarters responded to sudden stop working chlorine gas sterilization devices in Ascinn station, which lead to stop pumping water. They managed to deliver eight sterilizers with chlorine gas (4 reserve- 4 working) introduced by the International Committee of the Red Cross to the mentioned station.

SARC PSS Team Launched activities for 1850 students in Tartus in Dec 2016

SARC PSS Team in Tartous branch recently has concluded a campaign that targeted 1850 students in schools  of  Hosen Al-Baher, Jditi and Al-Saeda villages. The campaign was launched on the 1st of September 2016 and goes on for the next three months. The team organized an open day titled “Birthday”, which includes several entertainments, activities and competitions. The “Birthday” open day is aimed to improving the children’s skills, self- exploration and dump all negative feelings. The team also distributed some gifts at the end of the open day.

Operational update- Tartous branch- July2016

Headlines: 36052 Family benefited from the relief services during  July 2016. 1889 people had been served by the mobile clinic. Registration: The Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) Tartous branch registration team added the recently  affected families as the number of families registered reached to 63,040 families. Relief: Relief teams  worked to cover most of the needs of the affected people in the main center and its sub- branches. They managed to distribute 36,052 food baskets 4786 hygiene basket 246, winter clothing and other relief material, which benefited approximately 36,052 families during the month. First aid services: first-aid teams in Tartous branch responded to 264 cases through… Read More »

SARC- Tartous Branch charitable Event

Syrian Arab Red Crescent branch – Tartous branch launched a charitable breakfast  in Holiday Beach Resort on July 8th 2015.  During the breakfast, Ms. Rana Mari member of the Board of Directors in Tartous branch had a word in which she  thanked  and appreciated  the exerted efforts by volunteers and their  sacrifices to deliver assistance to all those in need. At the end of  the breakfast  some ladies made cash donations to be dedicated for humanitarian aid.

SARC’s volunteers in Tartous responded hand in hand amongst the Snowy storm.

Tartous city wasn’t an exception in the eye of the snowy storm that stroke Syria on Jan 6th 2015.The SARC’s volunteers rushed immediately to lend a hand for affected people facing the catastrophic damages. On the first day, the evaluation team reported some damages to the tents in Al-Karnak camp due to the falling trees’ branches on it. The sheltering team rushed immediately to evacuate people there, while water and sanitation team evaluate the occurred damages to camps of Al-Karnak, Al-Tala’e, Al-Insha’a and the Old Garage. The distribution team on their part managed to distribute winter items (blankets, mattresses, children… Read More »

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