Rural Damascus

awareness campaign against hepatitis in Erbin

An awareness campaign against hepatitis was launched last Saturday in Erbin (Eastern Ghouta), by the Syrian Arab Red Crescent Hygiene Promotion team. Where the volunteers organized interactive games and sessions about Hepatitis A symptoms and methods of prevention, in addition to videos about safe water, and how to reduce the spread of this disease. 263 mothers and 120 kids participated in the activities and got Hygiene kits provided by International Medical Corps (IMC).

People in Eastern Ghouta have an appointment with health recovery on SARC’s MC visit

Despite high temperature, the three-month baby, Kinanah, was waiting quietly on her mother’s lap for her turn to be examined and treated by SARC’ mobile clinic, which pays periodic visits to Ein Tarma in Eastern Ghouta. The clinic supported by IFRC, provides medical services (examinations and treatments) in specialities of internal, gynaecology and children. During its four-hour visit, the clinic receives 50 beneficiaries and distributes needed medicines for the people with chronic diseases (hypertension and diabetes). The baby has been examined by SARC’ doctor and got proper medicine for flu and bronchitis. She will recover soon and go active as… Read More »

SARC mobile clinic visits Erbin in Eastern Ghouta

In the midst of neighborhoods stamped with tiredness, SARC mobile clinic went through in order to reach Erbin town and provide relief to Abdulrahman (80 y). The old man welcomed SARC volunteers like a father. “I have 7 children, whom I know nothing about them, but you are my children also” he expressed his emotion after being checked up and provided proper medicines by SARC doctor. The clinic, which visits Eastern Ghouta villages periodically, provided medical treatments to more than 150 conditions in Erbin. It is worth mentioning that the clinic is supported by ICRC and IFRC.

SARC-medical team in Al Mleha for the first time

Mariam (8 months) looks very happy after taking her medicine, while her five sisters play in the shelter, which has kept its courtyard open to all children after their return to Mleha in Eastern Ghouta. While SARC medical team examined more than 70 patients and provided medicines to them, in addition to raising awareness session for 40 women about healthy nutrition and common diseases, with a support from the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). The team will visit this area periodically to provide the necessary services.

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