Rural Damascus

The first evaluation process in Madaya and Zabadani

The volunteers of SARC’s Rural Damascus Branch started an evaluation process in Madaya and AL Zabadani areas yesterday. They checked the situation out there to meet all people needs in aspects of health care, water and sanitation, relief, psychosocial support, and livelihood. This step comes to set a work plan and help people and settle back homes.

Water teams check Water tanks in Talfita

In order to secure water services in Rural Damascus areas, SARC water team visited Talfita town  July 4th, 2017. They checked the water tanks and figured out the leakage reasons which cause a loss of drinking water. They also put assessments for a new well to be rehabilitated and activated soon in cooperation with the General Water Establishment. Notes, these water tanks serve 1700 families in the town.

SARC distributing clothes in west Darya

For the first time, SARC teams visit Al Shwaka area near Darya in Rural Damascus to distribute clothes for the families there. SARC psychosocial support team provided  200 kids and 80 men with clothes and 80 women with clothes and bags. It’s worth to mention that the clothes are provided by UNICEF.

Humanitarian Relief aid for 44 thousand people in Jairoud

On 21st May, 2017, SARC Rural Damascus branch delivered a humanitarian aid convoy (41 Trucks) loaded with relief items to Jairoud, Atna and Al Nasrya areas, for 44 thousand people in cooperation with ICRC and UN offices. The relief items, which are provided by ICRC, WFP, UNICEF, WHO, UNHCR,  contained 8850 food parcels, 8850 flour bags, 5450 kitchen parcels, 2500 hygiene kits, 8125 blankets, medical and nutrition items, safe birth kits, baby milk and clothes.

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