Rural Damascus

Moadmiah Al-Sham regained health care with the opening of SARC dispensary

Eng. Khaled Hboubati, President of SARC, and Ms. Marian Gasser, Head of ICRC Delegation in Syria, opened a new dispensary in Moadmiah Al-Sham in Rural Damascus on Wednesday, December 12, 2018. The dispensary will provide medical services for thousands of people in Moadmiah and areas around through specialized clinics (Gynecology, Internal, Pediatric and Dentistry) in addition to providing medicines and medical analysis. This project began in 2016 in order to give the people a high standard of health care in proportion to the return of people to their homes in the area. The clinics saw its first patient on the… Read More »

Livelihood initiatives in Zabadani

In the most tranquil lane in Zabadani you need only to follow the hammer sound to reach Mr. Ahmad Knaish at his small productive and well-organized workshop. On the way to that shop, you will get sight of unforgettable visual scenes, among them the livelihood projects launched to encourage the local townspeople to return home and regain their lives there. As soon as you reach Ahmad’s workshop, you will discover that the 54 years old man is highly professional in repairing domestic ovens. Ahmad, whose difficult circumstances were his pure motivation to return, said: “I have come back home and… Read More »

New training to raise health awareness in Rural Damascus

  The  Syrian Arab Red Crescent concluded a course about raising health awareness in  Rural Damascus for 26 volunteers. The course lasted from 14 to 18 October 2018 and included the following topics: (basic messages to raise health awareness, an overview of prevention and causes of diseases, dealing with children, campaign planning and evaluation methods with local community). This course was held in a partnership with the Norwegian Red Cross.    

Winter Carnival for the children of Qutaifeh

On 9/11/2018 the winter carnival organised by the #HSP-SARC funded by UNHCR Syria for the children of Qutaifeh, took place at the closed stadium of the city. The children gathered at the community center, than the train transported them with the volunteers to the stadium .Many kid- friendly activities were included such as: bowling, mini golf, fishing, darts, face-painting also a picture booth was available for the children. The event ended with a group dance and toy favors were given to the children.

Two humanitarian aid shipments reached Douma

Syrian Arab Red Crescent delivered two humanitarian aid shipments to Douma city in Eastern Ghouta on 21-22/10/2018. The first shipment (3 trucks) carried 1008 blankets and 2500 hygiene kits provided by the ICRC, while the second one (5 trucks) carried 200 mattresses and 500 hygiene kits provided by ICRC; and 1925 food parcels and 50 boxes of nutritional supplements provided by WFP and 500 plastic sheets provided by the UNHCR.

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