“Because You are the Life”

“Because You are the Life” was the title of a breast cancer early detection  campaign that held by SARC Homs health awareness team. Breast cancer is the most common one among women all over the world. However, the earlier it is detected , the better women are recovered. During the Breast Cancer Awareness Month that framed across the world with October month, SARC Homs health awareness team launched an awareness campaign that lasted for two weeks which went through all breast cancer’s aspects such as its early detection, syndromes and treatment, with much concentration on the importance of supporting patients psychologically. During the… Read More »

the Activities of Global Hand-washing Day

During the activities of the Global Hand-washing Day,15th of October, SARC Homs health promotion team held an open day for 295 children of Alhusainiya school in the southern countryside of Homs. They also held competitive, recreational and collective entertainments that assert the importance, the right ways and, the necessary time of washing hands to be protected from diseases. It is worth mentioning that SARC Homs health promotion project is held in cooperation with UNICEF.

Awareness Sessions About the Importance of Education for Chilldren

SARC Homs child-friendly spaces team held awareness sessions on the importance children’s education and how to prevent School dropout as much as possible especially during the difficulties of the current crisis. Seven mobile teams organised these sessions in 4 social centres in Homs and its countryside, aiming to raise the local community’s awareness through “The School Misses You” campaign, which was held by the Department of Education, in cooperation with UNICEF.  

Induction Workshops target SARC-Homs New Volunteers

In October 2016, SARC-Homs Human Resources team held induction workshops that included  an overview on SARC and  its origins, concepts of International movement of Red Cross, the seven principles, the work of SARC committees and teams and SARC emblem” for 76 new volunteers.”    

“I Can Decide on My Future” Activity

On the beginning of the  school semester,  Child Protection team of SARC Homs Akrama point Social Care Center held a campaign titled “I Can Decide on My Future” which aimed to raise youths’ awareness about the importance of completing school stages in relation with building their future. It also aimed to unveil their academic interests, teach them how to regulate their time, solve their problems and develop their mental skills through paying a field visit to university and becoming familiar with all scientific and theoretical fields of study. Furthermore, the team completed the campaign with awareness sessions for the parents that aimed to… Read More »

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