SARC-Homs Health Awareness Mobile Teams Held Educational Sessions on Sunstroke

Due to dangerous effects caused by high temperature during Summer and the importance of avoiding sunstroke as much as possible, health awareness mobile teams in SARC-Homs branch held specific educational sessions targeting women in several villages of Homs. The session included information about sunstroke, its causes and how to avoid it mostly while working for long hours under direct sun ray. They also checked up patients in those areas.

Vocational Courses at SARC-Homs Akrama Point Open New Prospects to the Beneficiaries

Since vocational training is important to affected people during the current crisis as it empowers them to find the suitable job opportunities, SARC keeps working on providing vocational training courses to beneficiaries in order to enhance their capacities and experiences in various fields. The vocational training team organized seven courses for 130 beneficiaries in Akrama Social Welfare Center, Hadida and Al-Zarzouria in the specializations of “Mobile maintenance, maintenance of electronic devices, home gardening”

Child-Friendly Spaces Teams Activities During Eid Al-Fitr

On Eid Al-Fitr occasion, the Child-Friendly Spaces project, SARC-Homs psycho-social support team held many recreational and motivating activities for 2330 displaced children in Homs and its countryside and distributed presents to everybody there. It is worth mentioning that the Child-Friendly Spaces is a joint project between SARC and UNICEF.

Disaster Management Principles Course to SARC-Homs Volunteers

‎SARC‬ ‪Homs‬ Disaster Management Committee held a course about Disaster Management with attendance of  27 volunteers from SARC Homs branch. The main topics involved principles of disaster management, the international standards according to the new course book of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent (IFRC). This course aims to reinforce the volunteers’ ability to be always ready to give a hand to affected people.‬‬

Seeking knowledge and taking exams despite challenges

To achieve their ambitions and succeed the final national exams, students from “Al Houla”, a hard-to-reach area in Homs countryside, came to the city and took the final exams. They stay in a sheltering center that was prepared by SARC Homs branch where they provided with daily meals and water to help them concentrate in their study. The psycho-social support team tries also to reduce the tension before the exams.

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