Rehabilitation of Damaged Sewage Networks

Since Damages to the water and sewage network in Al-Maidan resulted in many environmental and health problems in the area, SARC – Aleppo water team in collaboration with ICRC have responded immediately and started fixing the infrastructure there.

Al-Nile St. Relief Center Provides Regular Aid

Al-Nile Street is a vital area in Aleppo city. However, it went through a lot during the last few years of crisis, which made its residents in need for relief support. A total of 1800 affected families are regularly benefitting from SARC relief center there. The center supports them with food and nonfood items in addition to free bread packs. Those relief aids are with support from WFP and ICRC.

Course on CBHFA Principles

Poor understanding of causes and risk factors for different diseases along with lack of awareness on first aid principles may result in incidences rise of various illnesses and worsen the injuries that could have been simply managed. Therefore, SARC – Aleppo launched the Community Based Health and First Aid (CBHFA) program which aims to raise awareness of local community and train its members to eliminate health hazards. With an aim to qualify CBHFA volunteers and develop their practical skills, a 4 days course on Basics of Community Health was held for 25 trainees. It involved discussions on various topics, such… Read More »

Installation of Water Tanks in Handarat Camp

The number of families returning to Handarat Camp has increased during the last two months, thus there is an urgent need for more water tanks to secure safe water for people there. As a response, SARC – Aleppo water team installed 5 water tanks of 5000 liters capacity and filled it with potable water via trucks in collaboration with ICRC.

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