Syrian Mothers in The Eye of The Stormy Crisis


Syrian mothers in the eye of the  stormy crisis


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Syrian Women trying to find safe place for their children

Khadeja, 36 years old, fled out of her area where  armed conflict took place, and went to Al Mallaha in the eastern countryside of Homs. She went on foot  through rocks.
Khadeja left with her family and some of her neighbors in the middle of 2013 and stayed without food and very little water. After that she settled down in a room made of mud without ceiling and  fixed windows.

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[g_quote] we arrived to an area where we could have assistance from SARC ‘ staff, who would satisfy our basic needs as soon as we register our names. Hence we had been sure that we chose the right destination[/g_quote]


Mothers Carrying out Humanitarian Duty: Ramia AlNabnsha

Ramia AlNanshaRamia AlNansha was one of the first to volunteer at youth committee in SARC – Aleppo. “With the onset of the current crisis I suffered a lot with the absence of my husband for two years simultaneously with the depletion of basic life essentials during the war. I was lonely and carrying our child. However, my Red Crescent family stood by me and had the greatest role in helping me overcome the crisis. Two years later, there came a relief when my husband came back.
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[g_quote]I was lonely and carrying our child. However, my Red Crescent family stood by me and had the greatest role in helping me overcome the crisis[/g_quote]


Mothers Carrying out Humanitarian Duty: Razan Agha

Razan AghaRazan Agha is one of those volunteers. “No one can deny how tough the Syria crisis is in many aspects. We all suffered from it, but my biggest fear was toward my daughter of being unable to provide her the decent life she deserves. I was afraid of running out of children’s medications, milk and food specially when witnessing the sufferings of other women while carrying out relief work.

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[g_quote] I haven’t really succeeded in fulfilling both duties at the same time,[/g_quote]

Mothers Carrying out Humanitarian Duty: Volunteer Lina Abou Samra

Lina Abou Samra

Lina Abou Samra, the volunteer, wife and mother, says: “The passed four years of crisis were extremely tough to me as it was to every Syrian.. Long work hours.. Difficulties in providing essential needs.. Lack of services in the city.. but above all, insecurity and the constant fear of the unknown. The one and only thing that made this crisis a beautiful memory was meeting my husband, Ayham, getting married to him and building a family that overcame all the obstacles.

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[g_quote] Despite how hard it is to live in times of crises, I was able to successfully carry out my work and my household duties.[/g_quote]



Mothers Carrying out Humanitarian Duty: Ms. Sumaya AlHamdosh

Sumaya AlHamdosh

Ms. Sumaya AlHamdosh, Head of Nursing Department in the Syrian Arab Red Crescent Pediatric Hospital in Aleppo. She started working in the hospital in 1995 and was one of the first to volunteer at SARC – Aleppo in 1998.

Since the beginning crisis in Syria 2011, she bore the burden of medical logistics in SARC – Aleppo. She was distinguished with courage and devotion in serving the injured, patients, disabled, and wounded.

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[g_quote]However and despite the difficulty of those years, they raised our patience and tolerance and made us understand more people’s sufferings and the related problems that we did and still do our best to end[/g_quote]



SARC Female volunteer

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Mothers suffer displacement and family fragmentation 

Um Hasan

As the crisis in Syria entered its fifth year, the scenes of pain and suffering continues to show up as before. However, The Syrian women become had to suffer the most due to the ongoing miserable circumstances that tied her with heavy burdens, but couldn’t hinder her from playing her basic role as a mother.   “Um Hasan” is 38 years old. She is a Syrian mother who experienced much of cruelty and pain within the crisis. “I was living with my husband and our four sons in a village in Idleb area. Hasan ,my elder son, 17 years old,

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Mothers Shoulders Heavy Burdens
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