Yaser Laqmoush, a volunteer with Syrian Arab Red Crescent – Idleb branch

My name is Yaser Laqmoush, I have been working with the first aid team Idlib for one year.

Due to the current circumstances and the large number of accidents around the country and especially in my area I applied to volunteer at the SARC-Idelb branch within the first aid team.

One day I received a phone call to transfer one of the injuries due to mortar shells. The injury was so serious – a 16 year-old young lady – she needed a blood transfusion from the national hospital and then to go on to the SARC hospital in Idleb.

She had a shrapnel injury in the head with internal bleeding and before the completion the xray in the laboratory her heart stopped and the first aid teams started the CPR process until they reached the hospital. After reaching the specialists they indicated that her pulse had returned and that the CPR was success..

Every person could be exposed to any injury or accident , thus everyone should know first aid principles and the right way to do it …the feeling you have when save somebody cannot be imagined…it is a matter of life or death.

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