In times of need they stand beside us like our people

In a wooden room built by SARC volunteers in Ad-Dwair sheltering center, Yazan (31) resides along with his family. “The relation that we have with SARC volunteers is similar to familial relations. This relation was created in hard times where they stood beside us like our family. When we were in Eastern Ghouta, they used to visit us carrying medical supplies and food, and even when we left our homes under fearsome and worries, they were the first to welcome us with their comforting smiles.” Said Yazan.  “I couldn’t hide my tears when my eyes spotted SARC volunteers waiting for us at Al-Wafedeen humanitarian passage. My wife was surprised also. My children, Imad and Fidaa, have their smiles plastered as the volunteers presented them with biscuit and water.” He added.

Yazan is a father of three children. His elder child, Imad (7 years), wants to be a civil engineering in order to construct new buildings for the people who lost their own houses. The youngest is Shahed (7 months) whose mother’s worries vanished as soon as SARC mobile clinic checked her up and provide her with needed milk and baby diapers.

Yazan’s family is an example of the families coming out of Eastern Ghouta. SARC volunteers work to meet their essential needs in sheltering centers, which according to Yazan is a starting point for new future as he said: “I will build a new dignified life and make a bright future for my children”.

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