A new generating set for the Main bakery in lattakia

Water and sanitation team of SARC Lattakia  branch delivered a new electricity  generator‬ with a capacity 300KVA for the first automatic bakery as the old one  went out of work . The first automatic bakery works 24 /6, with a production capacity of  more than 27 tons per day, and with beneficiaries of 100,000 ‪#‎person‬ a day. the generator set is provided by the International Committee of the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Operational Update Quneitra Branch April 2015

Highlights: In cooperation with International Committee of  Red Cross Water and Sanitation team started equipping three shelters in Al Wafeeden Camp. First Aid Training course was held with  24 new volunteers brought together in Quneitra Branch. key figures: Mobil Health Unit provided 1650 patients with free prescriptions. 64000 people benefited  of the relief aid items in Quneitra . Health: First Aid Services: SARC’s First aid teams in Quneitra branch transferred 30 cases, 19 of them to the nearby hospital (Abaza hospital) and 11 cases to Damascus hospitals. First aid team in Al Wafeeden camp transferred 5 cases    to Al- Moassa and Al Qutifa hospitals… Read More »

Delivering an Engine after being Repaired to Sterilization Stations

Field intervention team along with water and sanitation team in Aleppo branch of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent passed frontlines to deliver a 400-KW-Siemens engine to Suleiman al-Halabi Sterilization Stations. The engine was repaired by the International Committee of Red Cross. This work came within the ICRC – SARC water and sanitation joint project. It is worth menitioning that SARC – Aleppo teams periodically secure safer access to Water Authority’s workers in and out Suleiman al-Halabi Stations in order keep them on their scheduled shifts. Teams also escort maintenance works in and out there in cases of urgent damages to secure   potable water all… Read More »

in Jibrin Shelter

The Water team of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent – ‪‎Aleppo branch installed with a support from United Children’s Fund (UNICEF) finished the installation of Oxfam water (capacity of  35 m2).The tank was installed at the Industrial City Shelter in Jibrin, in which 250 families are sheltering.

SARC Aleppo branch delivers drinking water in Aleppo

To ensure sustained water supply to all areas, Syria Arab Red Crescent – Aleppo branch’s water and sanitation team and International Committee of Red Cross installed 8 tanks of 2 mm2 (2000 liters) supported by ICRC. They also provided taps to water wells in Qalet Sharif area as well as a pump to one of the wells that they installed a tank on. It is noteworthy that the mentioned area has been suffering from water shortage for a long period of time.

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