First Aid

‪‎ ‪‎First Aid‬ teams present great efforts in Al Dumayr

SARC‬’s ‪‎Al Dumayr‬ ‪‎First Aid‬ teams exert great efforts to provide first aid and medical services for residents and arrivals people. The health center provided 2994 patients with the necessary treatment through  March 2016. In addition, they managed 648 emergency cases varied between minor and serious cases, 189 from them had been transferred to ‪‎Damascus‬ and ‪Rural Damascus‬ ‪hospitals‬.

SARC’s Rural Damascus respond to Sayeda Zeinab explosion:

First aid‬ teams in ‪‎Syrian Arab Red Crescent‬ ‪‎Rural Damascus Branch‬ ‪‎responded to the ‪explosion‬, which took place in the residential Sayeda Zeinab area on Sunday 21/2/2016. They transferred  ‪‎cases‬ to ‪‎Damascus‬ ‪‎hospitals‬ and rescued the ‪‎wounded‬.‬ First aid teams in SARC wish all wounded individuals to improve soon. and they are on high preparedness  to receive your emergencies call on the following numbers:‬ Rural Damascus – Jaramana – Central Operations Room: 0115640603/0952133133/0994133133

Operational Update-Quneitra Branch- October 2015

Highlights: Starting an executing new distribution plan to reach more affected people. 2500 patients got benefit from Mobile Health Clinic. 77292 beneficiaries from relief materials. 2000 beneficiaries from sterilization drinking water. Psycho social support team reaching 1632 children. Transferring 102 medical cases. Health: First Aid Services: First Aid teams in Syrian Arab Red Crescent, Quneitra branch transferred 102 cases, 17 from them to Damascus hospitals. Mobile Health Clinic: MHC provided patients with free medicines after examined them in the most governorate areas. The clinic reached 2500 patients during October between them 791 children. Relief: Syrian Arab Red Crescent, relief teams… Read More »

Operational Update-Quneitra Branch- November 2015

Highlights: 48400 beneficiaries from relief materials. Transferring 146 medical cases. 1934 free prescriptions. Targeting 1954 child in Quneitra and Al Wafeeden Camp Schools. Health: First Aid Services: First Aid Teams in Syrian Arab Red Crescent transferred 146 cases in Quneitra, 16 between them to Damascus hospitals. Mobile Health Clinic: Mobile Health Clinic served 1934 patients and 694 child  during November in Khan Arnabeh, Al Baath City, Al Koom, Al Sndianah, Jaba, Ain Aesha, Ain AlThwra and Al Mashaa areas. Relief activities: Relief teams activities covered 48400 displaced person in Khan Arnabeh, Al Koom, Al Baath City, Al Snidanah, Ain Aesha, Jaba,… Read More »

SARC transfer 2160 cases in Ein Mnein

The medical spot in SARC Ein Mnein responded to 2160 cases in December until Sunday 27/12/2015 and transferred 68 cases to Damascus and Rural Damascus hospitals. About 1600 patients visited the clinics of children, women and internal ones. First aid teams are always ready all the time on: Telephone: 133 / 0115650133 Mobile: 0994133133 / 0952133133 Ein Mnein Telephone: 0115847772

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