First Aid

Qatana dispensary Targets 27,000 patients in Four Years

Qatana dispensary of SARC’s Rural Damascus Branch, which was established 4 years ago, managed to target  approximately 27,000 cases with medical services through a professional medical team and high quality equipments. In its turn, the First Aid teams managed to transferre 16,000 cases to Rural Damascus and Damascus hospitals during the mentioned period. It is worth to mention that all SARC’s dispensaries provide the mentioned medical services for free.

Advanced first Aid course in Quneitra

Based on the humanitarian principles and the necessity to help affected people , the Syrian Arab Red Crescent Quneitra branch launched an Advanced first aid course lasted for eight  days on 13-20/11/2016   volunteers attended the course which contain didactic lectures and practical training about varied topics such: fractures bleeding, wounds, turns, respiratory and cases transport. Session concluded with theoretical and practical exam.

SARC teams respond in Al Dumayr

The first aid teams in Syrian Arab Red Crescent Al Dumayr Sub Branch transferred 186 emergency cases to Damascus and Rural Damascus hospitals during Nov 2016, and received 2289 cases in the medical point in Al Dumayr town. Mentioning that these first aid services are free and can be accessed by visiting the first aid centers or call the following numbers: Jaramana first aid center: 0115640603/0952133133/0994133133 Ein Mnien first aid center: 0115847772/0115847774/0958099074 Al Dumayr first aid center: 0115828504 Al Kisweh first aid center: 0116927333 Qatana first aid center: 0958099062/0116892700

SARC’s Al Kiswah Sub Branch is Supported with New Medics

The First Aid Committee in SARC Rural Damascus Branch continued on carrying out advanced courses in order to rehabilitate and prepare the medics to be able to deal with all cases which they may face in field. In this regard, first aid’s committee finished the second advanced first aid training course in this year on Friday 6\5\2016, which lasted for 10 days, 31 volunteers from SARC’s Al Kiswah Sub Branch. This course included these subjects: ((correct behavior in emergency cases, how to deal with Respiratory system, Circulatory system, Nervous system, Skin cases (‪‎burns, ‪injuries), skeletal system, teamwork, carrying and transporting)) in… Read More »

Practical Training in Ain Mnen Area

Ten days in practical training and teamwork presented by SARC’s Rural Damascus First Aid trainers in SARC Tall sub-branch and SARC Ain Mnen point from 2 to 11 April 2016. 37 volunteers had participated in this course which contained (correct behavior in emergency cases, how to deal with Respiratory system, Circulatory system, Nervous system, Skin cases (burns, injuries), skeletal system, teamwork, carrying and transporting) The coaches inserted practical training and new techniques like innovating emergency cases to teach the volunteers how to deal with it and what they might face in field.

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