A Story Between Difficulty of Travelling and Amputation Suffering

During the current crisis, some people lost their lower or upper limbs ; either they had an injury or their illness developed to the extent that they lost one of their limbs.
On  April 2014, the Disaster management committee of SARC- Homs branch  insisted on forming a PWSN team.
The team’s basic mission, which is done by some doctors and volunteers of the health awareness team, was to do a health survey and an assessment for the disabled people and to provide them by the necessary needs according to the survey and assessment data. Some cases needed follow up observation, so the Disaster Management Committee formed a specialized committee for prosthetic limbs.

The prosthetic limbs committee started its first mission in November 2014. It received young and old people. Its volunteers coordinate between International Medical Corps(IMC) and SARC-Damascus branch the prosthetic center that is supported by ICRC. The cases are transported from Homs to Damascus and vice versa during a dangerous trip. They measure the injured limb, rehabilitate the case and then they attach a new limb. After that they train the patient to walk.
12 cases had  new limb, and the prosthetic committee continues observing cases through their work of treatment.

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