SARC secures essentials for people in Al-Hol Camp

Um Moustafa (65 y), and her family, left everything behind and went through an arduous journey on foot for three days in rainy weather from her village (Sousa in Al-Boukamal) to Al-Hol Camp. The most thing she remembers is the warm welcoming by SARC volunteers, who have provided them with health care, water and hot meals till they got a tent and started receiving humanitarian aid periodically.

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) in Hasakeh has supported the existing and arriving families with relief aid. Between the period from March 1 to 22, they have distributed 8899 food parcels, 1847 canned food parcels, 71670 ready to eat meals, 1100 blankets, 7667 winter clothes sets for children and 120 diaper bags for adults provided by the ICRC, WFP and UNICEF.

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