Responding to Palmyra’s displaced people in Ghazalah village

On  the eve of May 15th 2015, the Disaster Management Committee Teams of SARC- Homs branch rushed to Ghazalah village, that located on Homs- Palmyra road, in order to respond to 234  people who were forced out of their homes in  Palmyra to the mentioned village due to the recently strained situation.
The displaced families took farms as  shelters and were terribly in dire need for basics of livelihood. In addition, the relief and sheltering teams distributed (hygiene kits, canned food parcels, mattresses, jerry can, blankets, sleeping mats, kitchen kits and tarpaulins). On their turn, The health care team treated some displaced people, observed their health situation and distributed some needed medicine.
SARC-Homs Palmyra sub branch responded to displaced people and prepared a school building to be a sheltering centre.
651 people of 125 displaced family were registered, and (food parcels, hygiene kits, elderly diapers and bread) were distributed.
The team of SARC-Homs branch participated in evacuating a family from Palmyra city.

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