Rehabilitation of Al-Ihsan Collective Kitchen

Photo: SARC | AbdulSamea Homsi Photo: SARC | AbdulSamea Homsi

Photo: SARC | AbdulSamea Homsi

In the process of (SARC – ICRC) joint project, water and sanitation team of Aleppo branch of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent rehabilitated Al-Ihsan Collective Kitchen.
The works involved installing a ventilation system to decrease temperatures and eliminate smells there, fire extinguishers, gas pipelines, metal shades and heat resistant tiles as well as providing four tanks of 5 m3 capacity. The team has also installed insulators to separate parts of the kitchen from the others and replaced the electricity generator with a new 135 KVA one.
It is mention worthy that Al-Ihsan kitchen consists from two parts. The first part is internal and cooks 35000 meals per day to shelters, orphans, widows, while the second is a bakery to make pastries that support the society’s works.


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