Qualifying and training volunteers for SARC-Homs hygiene promotion team

Due to the deterioration of the public health situations among the affected communities as a result to the current crisis in Syria, SARC-Homs branch established the national program for hygiene promotion in the local communities  in order to provide healthy and dignified life for the affected people . It also held a training hygiene promotion course aimed to support 15 volunteers with the basics and to enable them to plan and carry out awareness activities for hygiene promotion team.
The course was held in Al-Shaheed Hakam Al Sibai’s Hall on 23 -26 May 2015.
In fact, the course included important practical and theoretical sessions in which  the participants were provided with the essential information and practical implementations of the hygiene promotion as: hygiene promotion skills, diseases, protection and the most vulnerable groups and the characteristics of the hygiene promotor.

It is worth mentioning that the hygiene promotion project is a joint one between SARC and UNICEF.

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