Operational Update –Hama Branch December 2014

Operational Update –Hama Branch December 2014 Operational Update –Hama Branch December 2014

Operational Update –Hama Branch December 2014

SARC, Hama branch, carried out various activities and services in December, most importantly were celebrating the International Volunteer Day, carrying out a campaign for hygiene promoting titled ‘hygiene means health’ with the participation of 1500 child, and listing 36 volunteers in first-aid courses.


The Registration team registered full data for 417 affected and displaced people, while the assessment team continued evaluating the needs of the sheltering centers and houses of affected and displaced families, in Dec.2014 the team evaluated 220 families.

In Dec.2014, the distribution team distributed 67218 food parcels with beneficiaries of 401555 people, 5175 parcels of food conserved cans that benefitted 31049and 371 flour bag that benefitted 2394 people. Regarding the relief items, the team distributed blankets, mattresses, hygiene kits, chargers, candles and baby diapers to 183576 people.


SARC, Hama branch, secured health care and first aid services. The first aid team responded to 57 cases, while the dispensary provided medical consultations for 1026 people. On the other hand, the Mobile Health Units visited 19 sheltering centers to deliver free primary health care services and medicaments to 2362 people. Community-based Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM) mobile health teams were active between Hama and Salameih in in-doors field visits that covered 2802 child. The malnutrition limitation clinics received 492 women, 1886 child of which 723 suffer from malnutrition.


Water Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion (WASH)

Hama SARC’s water sanitation and hygiene promotion team installed 45 M3 OXFAM tanks in Maardes, and maintained and cleaned OXFAM tanks installed in Hama and Salamyeh. Moreover, they carried out maintenance and rehabilitation of The Tyres hotel and Al-Dhahriyeh school sheltering center. SARC’s, Hama branch, water tanks continued providing potable water to remote neighborhoods. The team also carried out a campaign titled ‘hygiene means health’ for 1500 beneficiaries of the two sexes students.

Psycho-social Support

The Mobile Psycho-social Support provided the needed services for 372 affected and displaced people, mostly children, in sheltering centers.

Facts& Numbers

  • Beneficiaries (630000).
  • Distribution points14
  • Regfamilies 207328
  • Distribution area 112

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