The mother and her autistic kid feel confident in SARC clinic

Nothing can separate Moayad from his brother Mohamad. Together they play, eat, study and go to the medical center of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC), in which they know every department, doctor and volunteer.
SARC’s emblem has become familiar to Mohamed (7 Y) who feels peace at the children clinic as his mother observed. “Being an autistic child has not been a problem for the medical staff working in the clinic. They have provided him special care and a lot of love,” said Mohamed’s mother. Feeling that level of contentment makes her tell the volunteers every single detail to the improvement of her child’s condition, specifically that he learned the multiplication table.
Mohamad is the smartest and the most beautiful child in the eyes of his mother, as every mother thinks about their kids. For that, she is keen to give him the best care and take him to the clinic whenever he feels sick. “SARC’s clinic is close to our house and provides free medical services. This alleviates physical and financial burdens amid these difficult situations” She said. But the most important thing for her is that she feels contentment when visiting SARC clinic.

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