Forget not the Children of the Sun


You meet them every day but you do not see them, they are displaced children and mostly homeless. They are little children standing by traffic lights and roam around parking.

Yesterday, they left their streets and headed to 11 gathering points around 8 governorates in order to sing, play and celebrate their day “Sons of the Sun day”.

Child protection teams in the Syrian Arab Red Crescent SARC participated in an activity launched by Siyar project that aimed to bring those children together in 8 public places all over Damascus, Aleppo, Homs, Swaida, Tartous and Lattakia. The children joyfully celebrated their day and enjoyed singing, engaging interactive and educational activities.

The need for everyone’s help grows as the number of neglected children increases year by year. For that, SARC participated as the golden sponsor for “Sons of the Sun” activity where its volunteers lent a hand for all involved bodies under its humanitarian duty of providing services to the most vulnerable people everywhere.


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