The Emergency Response to Waves of Displacement

Photo: SARC / AbdulSamea Homsi Photo: SARC / AbdulSamea Homsi

Photo: SARC / AbdulSamea Homsi

The huge wave of displacement that happened in late 2016 required a substantial response with participation of more than 150 volunteers to aid thousands of families who had fled their homes to areas of  Jibrin, Al-Mhalej, Masaken Hanano and others. Volunteers assessed their situation  and distributed the essential needs like foodstuff, canned food, mattresses, blankets, kitchen tools, bread and cooked meals. They also distributed bottles of water and hygiene kits. In addition, they installed water tanks and repaired the sewage system. Medical services were also provided through mobile clinics teams. First aid team stood ready and transferred emergency cases.

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