Emergency Response for Kfarya and Foua

SARC-teams in Aleppo branch have done their best in securing safe crossing for the people displaced from Kfarya and Foua villages and providing them with essential needs in Jibrin Shelter.
During the last two days, SARC – Aleppo has distributed food (canned food parcels, bread and water bottles  ), nonfood items (mattresses, blankets, mats, hygiene kits, kitchen kits, personal hygiene kits, baby diapers, and diapers for people with disabilities) and mobility aids (crutches, walkers and wheelchairs).
Medical and first aid teams were on standby. Ambulances transferred 17 cases to hospitals in Aleppo city.
Mobile clinics (internal, gynaecological, pediatric specialities) examined patients at the sheltering centre.
Other teams had already started their work before receiving families by rehabilitating wooden rooms, installing and fixing latrines, and repairing water tanks in addition to filling it by water trucking.
It is mention worthy that this humanitarian response is carried out in cooperation with ICRC and some distributed items were supported by UNHCRUNFPA and GRC.

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