Disaster Management Teams Raise Awareness and Education Levels at Schools

At the beginning of Summer, many diseases spread out, but it is possible to stop that by applying some simple protection procedures. Our most important work, during the last few days, was following up the health situation especially in schools so that we sought to start the school holiday by providing health awareness that contributes, within the local society, to prevent any disease from spreading as much as it could.
Due to the joint collaboration of SARC-Homs branch the Disaster Management Committee, the health awareness team, supported by UNFPA, and the hygiene promotion team, supported by UNICEF intervened in AlMuhdatha school in AlHilalia area.
The targeted beneficiaries were students, aged from 14 to 6, from the Eastern countryside and its surroundings.
The crowded classes, the lack of self-hygiene and the lack of health supervision were main factors in spreading lice, scabies and flue diseases. In addition, there some students who need psychological observation because they have psychological disorders due to the current crisis.

Both teams intervened for a week; they aimed to enhance the health behaviors and the protecting behaviors from diseases as well as they aimed to deal with some psychological cases and unfamiliar behaviors of some children.
The intervention  centered on teaching the communicating activities about SARC, and then on educational activities according to the age group people. Those activities were about “the self-hygiene, washing hands, the lice contagion and how to avoid it, hepatitis A cases and its reasons, indication of treatment and the methods of protection.”
Besides, they held a meeting for students’ parents, to discuss the previous health educational themes and the correct way of using the distributed shampoo to get rid of lice. They also proposed the wrong and correct ways of bringing up children and how to deal with them in terms of psycho-social support.
It is worth mentioning that the activity, lasted for a week, was concluded by a recreation day that aimed to emphasis the suggested goals during the campaign.
666 people were the main aim of the previous intervention (516 students and 150 parents).

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