ICRC Regional Director for Near and Middle East visits SARC

Eng. Khaled Hboubati, President of SARC, welcomed Mr. Fabrizio Carboni, the ICRC Regional Director for Near and Middle East, at SARC Headquarters in Damascus on Wednesday, 21Nov, 2018. They held a meeting and discussed different topics related to the areas of joint works and collaboration between the two organizations.

On their day they shared their stories, looking for a better future.

At Dummar cultural center The HSP-SARC organized an event alongside the Homeless Care Center of the CP department on the occasion of the Universal Children’s Day funded by @Unhcr.Syria The children gathered on stage where they shared their hopes and stories and they presented sketches and an art exhibition took place that showcased the children’s art work. The preparations for the event stretched for a month and a half where the children participated into two awareness raising workshops, a group of them learned sculpting and drawing while the other group learned acting and theatre lessons.

SARC takes on a new responsibility as Sphere focal point  

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent is proud to have been appointed as Sphere new focal point in Syria. Sphere standards are the most famous in the whole world to define the minimum standers of the humanitarian response while preserving the dignity of the affected people and protecting them from disasters, as well as the commitment to the basic humanitarian standards. This new responsibility assured SARC’s commitment to the humanitarian principles and places an obligation to promote and advocate for the application of the Sphere standards at country-level.

Winter Carnival for the children of Qutaifeh

On 9/11/2018 the winter carnival organised by the #HSP-SARC funded by UNHCR Syria for the children of Qutaifeh, took place at the closed stadium of the city. The children gathered at the community center, than the train transported them with the volunteers to the stadium .Many kid- friendly activities were included such as: bowling, mini golf, fishing, darts, face-painting also a picture booth was available for the children. The event ended with a group dance and toy favors were given to the children.

Workshop on projects management in humanitarian organizations

Syrian Arab Red Crescent held a workshop regarding projects management in humanitarian organizations on 4-8/11/2018. It was organized to enhance the management skills of the water and construction staff. The workshop, participated by 15 employees and volunteers, included advanced training on active management technics, as well as the implementation of these technics in the engineering projects carried out by the water and construction department. It is worth mentioning that this workshop was supported by ICRC and carried out in cooperation with Venture International Training Company.

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