59 volunteers joined the 6th experiences exchange camp

Under the supervision of 15 trainers, first aid department in the medical services department of SARC held the 6th training workshop on the experiences exchange in Banias Camp on 18-23/9/2018. 59 paramedics from all SARC’s branches attended the camp where they had theoretical sessions and practical training about the safe reach, lifesaving in mountains and first aid maneuvers. They also shared lessons learned and experiences gained during their volunteerism work.

SARC supported a community initiative in Qounaitera

SARC-Humanitarian Support Project in cooperation with the UNHCR motivates and supports the community initiatives aimed to improve living conditions. Based on that, the project supported an initiative carried out by Koum Al-Soulokiah people, who arrived in Rural Qounaitera. The initiative included road maintenance and installing lampposts in order to ease crossing movement.

Another humanitarian aid convoy to Daraa

SARC dispatched a humanitarian aid convoy (17 trucks) to Eastern Rural of Daraa city on Thursday, September 20, 2018. 9 trucks loaded with 2000 food parcels and 2000 flour bags headed to Saida, while the other 8 trucks headed to Al-Naymeh carrying 1500 food parcels and 1500 flour bags. These relief items are provided by WFP.

Syrian Arab Red Crescent is welcomed in Tokyo

Having received an invitation from the  Japanese Red Cross, a delegation from the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, headed by SARC’s President Engineer Khaled Hboubati, visited Tokyo. During the visit, Engineer Khaled Hboubati met the Vice President of the Japanese Red Cross, Mr. Yoshiharu Otsuka, where he discussed the services provided by the SARC organization and its key humanitarian role amidst the difficult challenges in Syria during the Crisis. Mr. Otsuka commended the exerted efforts and humanitarian sacrifices made by SARC by saying, “Recognizing the leading role of the SARC organization in alleviating the suffering of the most vulnerable people.” as he presented the Japanese Red Cross Medal in… Read More »

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