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SARC PSS Team Launched activities for 1850 students in Tartus in Dec 2016

SARC PSS Team in Tartous branch recently has concluded a campaign that targeted 1850 students in schools  of  Hosen Al-Baher, Jditi and Al-Saeda villages. The campaign was launched on the 1st of September 2016 and goes on for the next three months. The team organized an open day titled “Birthday”, which includes several entertainments, activities and competitions. The “Birthday” open day is aimed to improving the children’s skills, self- exploration and dump all negative feelings. The team also distributed some gifts at the end of the open day.

SARC lunched a new project of power line in Swaida

In coordination with Water Institution and supported by ICRC, SARC Water and Sanitation team in Swaida launched a project of power line install with length of 24 kilometers on Nov 1st 201. The project is dedicated to activate  the wells in Khazmah area with electricity power with beneficiaries of 73700 people all over  Salkhad area at the southern rural of Swaida.

Health Awareness Sessions in Elementary Schools in Swaida

Raising awareness of health promotion is an essential aspect of the work of the health team and the psycho-social support team at SARC – Swaida  Branch. Therefore, the team held health awareness and health education sessions on lice infection ( symptoms, means of transmission, treatment and prevention)  for parents in Kamel Srewi School in Ateel village and Fozi Mezher School in Swaida City. Volunteers distributed 235 shampoo bottles and brochures on how to maintain personal hygiene.      

SARC Homs livelihood team paid periodic visits to Al Hosen area

Through Sheep Project in Al Hosen area, SARC Homs livelihood team, accompanied with a veterinarian carries on its regular visits to beneficiaries to check up sheep’s health and to give vaccines. It is worth mentioning that livelihood team of SARC Homs distributed sheep to 200 returning families in Al Hosen through the sheep project that is supported by IFRC. Each family received two sheep and 200kg of winter fodder with the aim to improve the abilities of local society in the countryside, to refresh life in the affected areas and to improve families’ livelihood and make them productive.  

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