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Humanitarian aid convoy reached 89000 people in Hola and Hirr-Bnfseh

In conjunction with the convoys dispatched to Daraa and its Rural, SARC delivered humanitarian aid convoy to Hola in Homs and Hirr-Bnfseh in Hamah on Sunday, July 15, 2018. The convoy (39 trucks) carried 17.800 food parcels, 17.800 flour bags, 3000 family hygiene kits, 7.500 soap kits, 3.100 plastic sheets, 7.500 blankets, 6.300 solar energy lamps, 3.400 mattresses, 6.000 coloring books, 2.100 self-education books, nutrition items (peanuts butter and high energy biscuit), water sterilization items, medicines & medical supplies, midwifery supplies, nutritional supplements for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers and vitamins & minerals for children. It is worth mentioning that these… Read More »

SARC-Livelihood team distributes grants in Rural Idleb

SARC–Livelihood team in Idleb started distributing home gardens’  grants to the people in the northern and southern rural of the governorate (Mo’atram, Al-Moqbleh, Al-Manazel, Al-Badrieh, Kourin, Al-Hbat, Batinti, Bhouri and Kafer Jales). 1000 people are estimated to get the grant that will help them achieve self-sustainment. The grants provided by International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies consisted of vegetable seeds (cucumber, squash, pumpkin, radish, beans, okra and mint), fertilizers (5 kg) and water for irrigation.  

Ten Operating Mobile Clinics in Aleppo

Barakat, 15 y, suffered from travelling long distances from Tal Qrah Camp to Aleppo city in order to get proper needed treatment and medicine in a hospital there. The young man got injured when fleeing Afrin with his family. The injury left him with damaged legs and in need of medications and painkillers. Now, as SARC – Aleppo mobile clinics regularly visit his temporary residence, Barakat no longer needs to travel to get medical management. A total of 10 mobile clinics of different specialties (internal, pediatric and ophthalmologic medicine) provide medical services to needy people in different areas in Aleppo city and countryside, such as Aurem, Tal Refaat, Nubol, Dair Hafer and… Read More »

Conclusion of a series of activities in Azzan And Blas villages

For two months, SARC volunteers have been taking a long road to reach 419 children in Blas and Azan villages in southern Aleppo countryside. They have held several activities to warn children about explosive war remnants. Volunteers concluded these activities with “Fun Day”  to celebrate children’s commitment to what they have learned. Mothers were also targeted in those activities by an awareness program on child protection from violence and exploitation.

SARC delivered humanitarian aid convoy to Rural Raqqa

12 trucks loaded with humanitarian relief items reached Dibsi Afnan in Rural Raqqa in Syria on Saturday, 7 July, 2018. The joint convoy, SARC/ ICRC, carried 3200 food parcels, 3200 hygiene kits, 3200 mattresses, 9600 blankets, flashlights and diapers for babies and adults.

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