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SARC delivered Humanitarian Relief aid to Moadamia Al-Sham

32 trucks of humanitarian aid were delivered to Moadamia Al-Sham by relief team of Disaster Management Unit of Syrian Arab Red Crescent – Damascus branch on Saturday 07/01/2017, in cooperation with the United Nations offices in Damascus. The relief aids included foods and nonfood items: 13000 food parcels, 13000 flour bags, 4000 Winter clothing items, 2000 blankets, 171 school bags, 3700 set of self-education, in addition to medical materials. It worth to mention that these materials would meet the needs of 65,000 persons.

Distribution Parcels for people with special needs in Damascus

Relief team at Disaster Management Unit of  SARC- Damascus branch  distributed Parcels for people with special needs   (children and elderly) provided by the German Red Cross GRC and the Danish refugee Council DRC. The mission took place in SARC – Al-Maysat Centre with beneficiaries number total to 790 children and 2852 elderly according to a follow-up mechanism that includes making sure of the health status of the beneficiary and the cyclical needs. This kind of missions is aimed to alleviate the suffering of the most vulnerable people according to the principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent.

French Parliamentary Delegation Visited SARC – Aleppo

On January 7th, Aleppo branch of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent received a French parliamentary delegation. The delegation met with SARC – Aleppo’s management and board members, and had a breifing about SARC – Aleppo’s departments, teams and activities, which are carried out according to the fundamental principles of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

Distributing Wheat Seeds in Quneitra

Livelihoods team of SARC- Quneitra Branch and in cooperation with Agriculture Institution in Quneitra distributed wheat seeds and fertilizers to farmers in Quneitra countryside villages (Jeba, Khan Arnabeh, AlKoom and Hader). Wheat seeds were distributed to  772  family, while fertilizers were distributed to 725 benefit family. This mission started in mid-November 2016 and lasted till the end of December 2016.  

Generator Set of Al-Nairab Station is Repaired

SARC – Aleppo water team in collaboration with ICRC has finished the maintenance work to the generator set of Al-Nairab Station. This generator set, which is with 1230 KVA capacity, is the main source of power for Al-Nairab Station that pumps water to some Aleppo neighborhoods, including the Old City of Aleppo.

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