Water Tank is installed Northern Rural of Hama

SARC’s water team installed 45000 liter water tank in Moua’rdes area that located to the north of Hama city. The area has suffered water shortages since October 2014 due to the main water plant disrupt in Al-Hijameh area. It is worth mentioning that the tank will satisfy the water needs of about 15000 beneficiaries. Therewith, the water team continues the installation of another water tank to meet the needs in this areas.

Operational Update – Hama Branch November 2014

Throughout November 2014 the SARC’s Hama Branch delivered various activities and services. However that most important ones were installing water clarifying station in Salameih Hospital and evaluating water and sanitation needs in Ain Al-Kroum village. Relief The Registration team registered full data for 1187 affected and displaced people, while the assessment team continued evaluating the needs of the sheltering centers and houses of affected and displaced people, in Nov.2014 the team evaluate 570 family. In Nov.2014, the distribution team distributed 69215 food parcel with beneficiaries of 304642 people, 7122 parcels of food conserved cans and 4218 flour bag that benefitted… Read More »

36 Volunteers Joined Fields of First Aid

Hama SARC’s trainers launched a First Aid training course on 23-25/12/2014. The course aimed to support new volunteers with information about the International Humanitarian Law, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, First Aids and What to do for Causalities of bleeding- respiratory injuries- cuts and breaks. The certificates were handed out to participants on the end of the course.

SARC Hama branch response to students

The Disaster Management team of SARC’s Hama branch continued its response to students needs in “Muhdi Hamdan school” from the areas of Talaf and Uqrub, in order to help them to apply their exams. The shelter teams, distribution teams, water and psyho-social support teams f Hama branch distributed light chargers, water bottles due to the electricity cuts as well as food materials to those students.

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