Bakeries are Reactivated as relief aids Arrived

SARC Homs-Al-Rrastan sub branch fixed and reactivated bakeries that stopped for a while in AL-Rrastan area in order to produce bread and distribute it to beneficiaries due to the current lack of bread crisis. The bakeries were reactivated as relief aids arrived into that area.
Last week and on  April 21st , SARC Homs branch delivered the third and the final relief convoys to Arrastan, Tel Amerie, Akrad ddassniy and Kafr Nan. This operation comes within the relief program that run by the Higher Relief Committee according to an agreement between the UN organizations and the Syrian government. This mission started on 26th of March.
69 trucks were delivered on three phases and contained (food parcels, flour, blankets, hygiene kit, soap, elderly diapers, sanitary napkins, high energy biscuits,  lice shampoo, mosquito nets, reservoir, tarpaulin, mattresses, medicine, stationery, medical equipment, water purification tablets, creative bags, incubator, family water purification, diapers, cases of giving birth and ORS).
These relief aid items were offered by (WFP-UNICEF-UNHCR-UNFPA-WHO-IOM).

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