Wheat Grant Brings self- sufficiency for many Farmers

For more than three years, many farmers in the eastern countryside of Aleppo stopped working, but it was a past that will never be back, because of the agricultural grants that were provided by livelihood team in SARC – Aleppo branch, in cooperation with ICRC and IFRC, which was the first step to help landowners planting tens of hectares.

#Wheat grant was an essential part of the provided agricultural grants, which included the distribution of 200 KG of seeds, in addition to many fertilizer bags per beneficiary (2000 farmers).


Abu Mohammad (64) returned to work in his land despite poor water resources that affected his crop but he did not lose hope where he belonged, now he is selling his yield to earn his living.

After harvest, the team recently conducted a questionnaire for 50 beneficiaries, aimed to identify the problems encountered during the season and the used methods to solve their problems.

With the start of the new season, SARC seeks to provide more support to all needy groups.


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